Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oquirrh Lake

A few weeks ago all my family was in town and it was all so fun. I don't know if you guys know where this is but it's pretty cool. My brother moved to South Jordan last year and they found this little lake out in Daybreak. It's man made which I of coarse love, no fish or other objectable aquatic life...making it a great thing for the squeamish and kids alike. It's a nice depth and has sand leading out to the water and docks you can jump off. There's grass up above the sand where you can set up all your gear and a play ground up above that. Pretty cool right? Anyway, so we all decided we'd head up there for day and we had tons of fun.

Kurt (brother in law), Jacqueline (sister), Me, Julia (sister), Christy (sister in law), and James (brother).

Elizabeth loved it. We stayed for four hours!


Then of coarse we had to finish off the day with a little Baskins which Elizabeth was loving!

All in all we missed daddy a lot (for 10 days!) but still made a fun weekend of it.