Monday, July 21, 2008

President and Sister Neilson...ok not quite yet

So we went to our branch for the first time. It seems like it's going to be wonderful's tiny! The man who spoke was there for the first time, they asked him to speak when he called to transfer his records last week! So I'm expecting to speak immediately if not sooner and get some extensive calling. Note to self, don't answer your phone! In all seriousness I'm very excited. It will give us a great chance to serve and grow...and actually really get to know everyone! So on our first sunday they nabbed us to take a picture for the directory. So however sleep deprived we were...cheese!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby doesn't like it...

While I was pregnant and subsequently there after, anytime rob was doing something I didn't like or I was doing something he didn't like we would claim that "baby doesn't like it." Well, this is one time baby actually didn't like it. Baby loved walking to the pool, baby loved sitting in the sun, baby loved sitting on mommys lap in the water, but when I tried to just put her in the icy pool didn't like it. It turned from uncertainty, to the furrowed brow, to the pouted lip, into an all out cry. It was tragically funny. I hate to laugh but she's such a cute pathetic little creature when she cries like's adorable. All and all it was a fun first pool trip but we're going to have to warm her up to the cold water. At least she looked quite beautiful in her bathing suit!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road Trip!

Babies first road trip. So rob had to do a volleyball camp in Colorado Springs but he felt so bad leaving me so he dropped me off at my parents house in Colorado on his way down. Its been fun to spend time with family and have some down time to escape unpacking my house! Our little one was perfect on the ride out! She ate twice and slept the whole time...she's the best! (and so cute!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Karen this one's for you. crib is finally set up! And in our new home to boot! Can you believe it?

I'm so excited to be finally moved in and we're slowly getting set up. Our sweet little one has up until now been sleepy in her pram, which has actually served quite well, but we are so happy to give her a proper bed. (however huge it may be for her...Rob says she needs to sleep in it till she's 16). Anyway, so I'm sure all you new moms know how it is, especially for your first baby. You can't stop taking pictures. So forgive me, I can't help myself.

This is how we find her in the morning. Every night we go through the swaddle struggle. She sleeps longer if she's swaddled, but we have to put her in the "Miracle Blanket" a.k.a. little baby straight jacket. Otherwise she inevitably breaks free! It starts with one hand...but if you give her an inch...the one hand turns into two. Two hands peeking over the blankets like a little puppy dog, then out come the shoulders, then it's all down hill from there. She's definitely a cutie, but she's fighter! Oh, how we love our little squirmy pants!

Happy Fourth!

Babies first fourth of july. So everyone told me that clothes run sooo small..."Don't buy any newborn stuff." So let me just tell you. This is a newborn outfit. I'm not quite sure why this hasn't been the case for me because seriously everyone I know told me that? But here's your evidence...from headband to socks...nothing fits! Happy fourth cutie!