Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random ramblings

So, baby is 44 days away, and that sounds kind of far. BUT baby is 6 weeks away, and that sounds really soon! I'm getting so excited!! We have our second Lamaze class tonight and I'm so happy that Robbie can come. It's a little bitter sweet considering that his presence is at the cost of a national championship lost, but i'm glad just the same. Last week I attended my birthing class alone, and not only that but I had taken my wedding ring in for some work! I thought they might not let me in the class without a partner but I'm pretty sure they felt bad for me assuming I was a poor single mom without somebody so they let it slide! Either way it'll be nice to have my hubby there. If not for the moral support, for the back support! Lamaze breathing/positioning and such is not quite as comfortable sans partner. Anyway...yes, as mentioned, it's true. The fabulous BYU cougars of the volleyball kind are done with their season this year. They finished 2nd in the conference...stupid pepperdine. C'est la vie! I guess there's always next year. And we're hosting the Final four next year, did you know? Pretty sweet. Anyway, so I'm just kind of rambling with out much to say...but I should mention how grateful I am for my wonderful life! I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and I've never felt better (minus the occasional fire raging heart burn :), I have an amazing husband who is so loving and supportive (AND now around all the time to hang with me!), and well, I just lead a charmed life. I've been given every blessing I could think of and I'm so grateful. So thank you heavenly father, thank you life...for being so kind to us. Keep it comin! We're going to continue to need those blessings...because I'm pretty sure this whole giving birth REALLY gonna hurt.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Please join us this Friday April 25th 7:00-9:30 PM for a very special presentation on 'DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography'

Tahitian Noni International Center Auditorium
5151 North 300 West
Provo, UT 84604
For more information please call Rod at 801-429-9751

You are cordially invited to participate in a special presentation titled 'DNA Evidence for Book of Mormon Geography; New scientific support of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon'. This new research validates the Book of Mormon as both a spiritual and historical record and testifies of the Prophetic calling of The Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. This was accomplished through DNA, Prophetic, Scriptural, Historical, Climatological, Archaeological, Social and Cultural evidences found as a result of three years of research.

We will address questions such as:
What is the controversy surrounding DNA and the Book of Mormon?
Why is finding 'Lamanite' DNA in the America's important?
How could genetics help us discover the geography of the Book of Mormon?
Where did the Book of Mormon account actually take place?
What did The Prophet, Joseph Smith know about Book of Mormon geography?
What clues does the book itself give us about where the Book of Mormon took place?
What indications does the book itself give about climate?
Where exactly is the 'Promised Land' of the Book of Mormon?
Are there any civilizations that qualify as being 'Nephite', 'Lamanite', or 'Jaredite'?
if so, what archaeological evidence is there for these civilizations?
Are there any 'Book of Mormon' archaeological artifacts?
Why is knowing the geography of the Book of Mormon important?
Will this information lead to a greater understanding of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr., and to the church he organized?
And most importantly, can the answers to these questions help to bring people to Christ?

All who have seen it have been very moved and excited about the information and how it 'just makes sense' intellectually as well as spiritually. For most, it will feel like you have always known these things to be true, and for others, these new insights and information may completely change your paradigm!

This is a great opportunity to do some missionary work, or bring anyone who is struggling with the gospel, or the Book of Mormon's authenticity as an actual historical document and spiritual record, as well as to strengthen your own testimony of the truth's found in the gospel. Please contact us ASAP to let us know if you are planning to attend, and how many to expect. We are very excited to share this information with you. You are encouraged to come and bring your family, friends and neighbors. Please no children under 16 years old. Admission is free.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April snow brings may flowers?

Pretty sure that's not how it why is it snowing in April?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Confessions of a Provo Housewife...

My former life as a single women consisted of many things, most of which I would never say I miss. However, my former bustling social life does sound tempting from time to time. Pretty much these days my big night out is to the volleyball game. Isn't that terrible! I do have to say it gives me a wonderful oppourtunity to invite family and friends to catch up with. (i.e. Tiff and litte reagan baby...sooo cute!) Besides that large but lonely redeeming quality, it's a little sad that this is the big event I look forward to. So I'm thinking I've gotta plan something fun. Rob's just so busy and gone so often...and our Friday and Saturdays while he's here are sort of already booked...but we have to take advantage of this time before baby comes right? And I mean just look at 'em. He definitely deserves a hot date! Mmm mmm. :) Any great ideas?