Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Since I have known rob he has participated in and loved every minute of flag football season. For the last 4 years he and his cubbies team mates have reigned supreme in their provo flag football league. These boys take this so seriously and revel in this accomplishment. We have fun tagging along, hanging with friends, bringing snacks, sitting in the rain, cheering through mega phones, and delighting in breakfast wednesdays win or lose.

We love it and we love watching our handsome Rob!
Congrats to the Cubbies and their 4 years of total domination!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

August 2011

This summer has been super fun and obviously wore us out a little bit.
(See the flashlight? haha)

We had some fun trips to the zoo to see the dinosaur exibit.

Lovin our cousins...

Look at these cuties...

Oh Aunt Jacqueline you're so silly...

And Etta started school!!! I can't believe it!!! We decided to put her in preschool this year and after much research and consideration I decided Kids Village was the place for us...and we LOVE it!
She was so excited for her first day of school! (And a little nervous)

She's loving her teachers and new friends. She goes to music, art, cooking, and science. Then she has a general class everyday where she learns reading and other preschool basics.

Rob went to Argentina with the Youth National Team. It was such a cool experience. He spent a little over a month during the summer training the team before they went to Argentina for the World Championships at the end of August. They placed very well for the USA team and he had an awesome time...

As you can see in this picture. The man loves him some volleyball. Or maybe rather competition at a high level and working hard to accomplish something.

Then Rob started the school year along with the EMBA program and here we go again!

His name is Liam and Liam is his name.

I have a little boy and his name is Liam.
He is the sweetest snuggler...
he loves putting things away...
he loves eating, anything...
and he's all boy.
Every last drooling, snotty, caked on food, dirty, no pants wearing, ball loving inch of him.

And we are absolutely nuts about him!!!!

How on earth could you not be?