Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nieces, Nephews, Friends, and Cousins

A couple weeks ago my sister in law christy had the fun opportunity to go to disneyworld with her mom and sisters. She took her two oldest kids with her leaving their two youngest and my brother here in Utah. As a result my brother needed a little help watching his kids while he was at work. So Elizabeth and I had a fun time with family all week. Etta loved being with her cousins. Lexi always playing the mother and michael as wanting to jump in and help. If she cried Lexi would say, "shhh it's ok" and michael would say BABY, then run and get her pacifier or bottle. (they're 4 and 2) It was pretty entertaining, Etta just laughed at them running around all week. We also got over to visit Kamber, Ryan, and Callan. Callan is so cute. Etta and I definitely had a busy week of friends and family. Thanks for having us!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ladies Night

So my wonderful friends Beth, Danielle, and I decided to have a girls night. Girls nights usually seem to consist of gossip and food, but seeing as we are all trying to work out and get in shape it seemed a little counter productive. So we thought we'd do something that got us out and about doing something fun, new, and active. So we went rock climbing at Momentum in Sandy. It was a blast. I was so soar, got a great work out, bonded with some girl friends, and had a great night. I was so proud of Danielle for conquering a slight fear of heights and Beth for just going after it with enthusiasm. Thanks for the fun night girls.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Crawling Chicky

So she's been doing this for a while and is even better at it now but I thought I'd post these from January 3rd. Crazy how far she's come since then.

Friday, January 23, 2009

More and More Christmas Pics

So I still have more Christmas pics, we just had so much fun! I can't get my video to upload again so keep holdin your breath.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Name and Meaning: Elizabeth meaning "my God is an oath," "my God is abundance," "God's promise," or "oath of God." Avery meaning "elf" or "magical counsel."

Age: 7 months

Nicknames: Etta, Lark, Baby, Anything-Pants (ie poopy-pants, sweetie-pants, etc), Bitsie, Booger, Lil Stinker, E

Favorite Activities: Singing and dancing with me around the house, watching "your baby can read," crinkling paper, eating, skyping family and friends, putting everything in her mouth.

Favorite Foods: Sweet potatoes, Apples, Peas, Pears, and still loving the bottle.

Least Favorite Foods: Avocado, Carrots

Favorite Music: No matter what's wrong if you put on Baby Beluga she'll silence immediately and start crying again when it's over, Bare Necessities, she pretty much just LOVES music, anything I sing, and anything on her kids songs cd's we made.

Favorite Toys: Hugo, my phone (which is NOT a toy), and anything that lights up.

Favorite Books: Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dancing with Degas, A Magical Day with Matisse, Goodnight Moon, Winnie the Pooh, A Picnic with Monet, In the Garden with Van Gogh, her flashcards, and pretty much anything I'm reading I read out loud and she loves it.

Favorite Item of Clothing: Her silver sparkly shoes.

What makes her happy: Baby Beluga, BATH TIME, Hugo, kids and other babies, when you look at her and pretty much do anything at all:).

What makes her sad: When she's hungry and you're not feeding her or when she's tired and you're not putting her to sleep.

Funny words or phrases: blowing raspberries, da da da da, really high pitched squeals, a low grunting yelling noise that is impossible to describe...ahhhh!

So this is a hat that a sweet women from our branch named Dorothy made for her. She also made hats for every other baby and child in our branch. That's amazing!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Bunny Foo Foo

So baby had her 6 month appointment on December 19, 2008 and these are the results.

Weight-16lbs 3oz


She LOVED the butcher paper on the doctors table as well as the mirror. She was in heaven making loud crunchy noises and looking at the cute smiling baby in front of her. She was being so funny and I didn't catch it on camera. I'm always a little to slow on draw but here's a little something that I did catch.

Now that I can upload videos lots will be coming. I know I said that before but it's true this time! We've been having a blast watching her sit up, start talking, do breakdancing stalls while she rocks up on her knees (she'll be crawling any second now), and eating all her solids. We made her a bunch of healthy baby foods that she loves, namely sweet potatoes and apples. What I love most has to be the many faces she makes when she loves and/or hates different foods. I also love that she's an incredibly clean eater...I don't know that I could handle the squishy food everywhere so it's much appreciated. :) Anyway, we're having a blast watching her learn and grow! Come visit and see for yourself!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland

My pictures are building up waiting to be published. I was laggin over the holidays so I've got tons to share. These are just a few fun and random pictures from a lazy day at home. Anyone in the area knows how much snow we got in the last month and this was just one of the days decided to enjoy it.
When we looked out the window in the morning we couldn't resist throwing on some warm clothes and running around singing christmas songs!
I threw baby in the snow to make a snow angel!
Then we came back in to warm up those red cheeks! And baby lounged big time while she chilled out watching her beloved reading video.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seriously? Seriously.

Please go to this website immediately if not sooner.
The artists name is Michael Murphy. He started making amazing works of art during the election process and gained a bit of fame. I don't know the whole story but it led to him trying to sell one of his works of art for something like 60,000 dollars in order to pay for the surgery of Ed Port. Very cool. You can now go to this website to do your part and donate.
So check it out and check out his art, it's unreal. Make sure you look at it all. This one is made out of 2500 twisted wires. Yeah. The craziest one has to be one that's made only of nails on the canvas. Seriously, you have to see. I cannot believe that people are this blows me away.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

This or That?

High chairs anyone? I don't know what to do!!!! Help, my head is going to explode. So...I've looked at so many and read so many reviews and it just keeps making me more and more confused. So i'm asking you for what you've heard and used. My mom was generous enough to expand our high chair budget a bit at christmas time so I've been looking at the Tripp Trapp, Svan, Kinderzeat, Kee Karoo, One Step Ahead blah blah blah. I love the idea of the chair being able to sit right up to the table so they can be apart of the family interaction, I also like they adjust and grow with the child. What I don't like is the lack of tray with some of that a big deal? Should I just go buy the cheapest thing with four legs? So please someone just tell me what to do.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Has Come and Our Goose is Definitely Fat

Christmas was fun this year as we celebrated with family for Etta's first big Holiday. James moved out here this year and since Jacqueline and I already live here my parents and Julia made the trek out to make it easier on all of us. Andrew was very missed but otherwise we were all together. We had all sorts of fun outings, family activities, and Christmas craziness. Pretty much everything we had planned didn't happen but because we were together it was still a blast. The snow made it interesting for us to go to salt lake everyday but what is Christmas when it's not white. Margaret threw a fun little pre-Christmas party on Monday where we enjoyed of course good food and Christmas carols somewhat drowned out by crying and sleigh bells. :) We had so much fun helping with the homeless dinner at Magleby's then having everyone at our house for Christmas Eve dinner. The next day we opened presents at James' where Etta got a couple fun toys and a couple cute outfits, Rob got an Ipod along with some other man gear, I got some beautiful clothing items and namely a sewing machine, and we played Rock band all day. We are so grateful to our generous loving families for all our gifts and cash donations alike. :)

Our Adorable little fattypants.

We love LOVE you guys and are so grateful to have spent this time with you.