Friday, April 29, 2011

March 2011

March was a fun and crazy month. We had lots of volleyball as usual, lots of playing inside wishing it were spring as usual, and lots of partying with friends. We had a fun get a way up at Sundance with some of our favorite people, said goodbye to a good friend that was moving, attended Rob's mission reunion, and went to some fun bday parties. We got to have quite a few dates (a rarity especially during season!), visit the children's museum at gateway, and welcome a new soul into the world!
Here are all the boys at Chris' Bday!

What our lazy mornings look like...(btw that balloon lasted at least two months)
Pics of the beloved boy.
If you're happy and you know it...
Clap your hands...
If you're happy and you know it...
Shout hooray!
And the girl...
Being quite the little poser...
Don't tell but I took these while she was on the potty ;)

That's it. That about sums up March. Thanks for all the fun times.
Thanks sis for watching the kids so we could party it up!
Happy Birthday Kennedy, Chris, Katie, Jeff, Taylor, Cameron, Wes, and all the other beloveds.
Congrats to new momma Aubrey who is my new hero.
So fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Maven:Strolling in Style

Ahhh! Just talking about this and I'm so excited.
So I don't know how many times I've had a conversation about the fact that bugaboo has gotten a little behind the eight ball, no double stroller? I mean come on....and...
Bada boom bada bing, they deliver!
This has been rumored for over a year now and it's finally here.
May I present The Donkey
So get this, it expands from a single stroller with a storage case to a double complete with bassinets and toddler seats and all the other goodies we are accustomed to.
Is this totally awesome or a completely unnecessary nonfunctional doing it simply for the need to be new and different sort of thing?
I'm leaning towards totally awesome.
There are certainly times when I have my double and Etta ends up not wanting to ride in it and I end up pushing my monster Limo everywhere unnecessarily and vise versa.
If any of you know me you know I love LOVE my single bugaboo and though have toyed with the idea of selling it (now that we are a bit larger of a crew) but just can't bring myself to do it.
So I don't know about you but I might be a little to anxious to try this ASAP and not so anxious to find out the price tag.
I'm hearing $1200-2000 range talk...yikes!
I'm hoping I can find another half off killer steal of a deal like I did with my Cameleon.
Anyway, whether I just end up dreaming and drooling or if someday I really take the plunge I'll keep you posted.
For now check it out (I love all the videos they do) and tell me what you think about the donkey....btw donkey? Really? What were they thinking...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to The Boy

So I'm finally getting my pictures together from Liam's little birthday party with my family.
A couple things I forgot to mention about him are that he loves to do "If you're happy and you know it."
My favorite part is when you say hooray! and his arms shoot straight up and he has the biggest smile on his face.
And his word of the moment is Uh-oh. It's so cute.

So I don't remember why he is so sad on this happy day but this is a classic Liam crying face.

Aunt Jacqueline...

The Boy

The other birthday boy, my big bro James.

So the moment of truth. Will he dive in and devour or pick and prod like our little bug on her first.


Oooh, that was good...

Alright lets do this...

Was there ever any question with this boy? Devour...

How do I get this goodness in me...

Does it get any better than this?
I submit that it does not.

Wow, how am I going to finish this?

Almost there, just a couple more bites...

Oh, I'm sorry did you want some too? (This pic totally grosses me out by the way)

There I did it.

Did you see me do it?

So pleased with himself.

Then it was time for presents, which Etta didn't dominate at all, no way.

Silly little bug.

The Fam

Well that's all folks. Our little baby's one.

Ready for number three?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bipolar Me

I am so excited!
I am following Coach to California this weekend sans my tiny humans!
Is it bad that I'm this excited to ditch them with their Nana?
The whole thing about it is that I'm quite sure the second I leave them I'll feel pangs of regret at not packing them along and miss them horribly.
I just have to remind myself that I've done that many times before and I'm nooot quite ready to do it again yet.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?
Maybe after missing me for a few days they won't sling food at me and pull my hair.
But then what would make me smile at the end of the day?

I am so bummed!
It's Fri & Sat 10-8/10-5pm in Provo and I'm missing it!
It is most assuredly going to have more adorable local crafty little nuggets than you can even wrap your head around.
I'm talking clothes, decor, hair accessories, prints, paintings, jewelry, kiddo goodies and more.
Please go for me...