Wednesday, October 27, 2010

California Part 1

So in June we made a pilgrimage to California for a couple weeks. We started in good ole Corona to celebrate Keith and Sally's (rob's grandparents) 70th....yes 70th wedding anniversary that Nancy and David did a wonderful job hosting.

It was so fun to see so much family.

The kids put on a wonderful performance full of songs and memories.

4 generations of Neilson men.

Etta was loving tazzie.

They have such a special spirit and love about them. We learn so much from watching their example.

Lots of fun with cousins.

And our wonderful friends who let us stay in this paradise they call their home. Our trips to cali are only made possible by all the friends and family who let us invade their homes.

Little bird passed out in the car on the way to Carmel. (Pre-vomiting.)

Next to favorite place ever, Carmel. (and pebble beach!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful Bugs Birthday!!

On June 19th our little bug turned 2.
So we had family and a few friends over to celebrate with us.

This was pre-hair cut when Etta was constantly blowing her bangs out of her face.

We had delicious strawberry cream and German chocolate cupcakes.

Etta was loving it!

Then she opened some presents. If you didn't know, this little girl is pretty obsessed with princesses. So when she opened this dress and put it on she lost it!

She squealed and screamed and started running up and down the sidewalks wanting nothing to do with any other presents.

We calmed her down and she opened this adorable apron...

and this precious shopping cart...

to go with her sweet new kitchen!

Thanks to everyone who came. It was soooo fun!

Our bug at 2:
-She loves to read. She'll sit through chapter books if it means snuggling up with a good story.
-She loves her brother. A little too much sometimes. She likes to feed him his bottle, pat his head and tell him it's ok, it's ok buddy. She runs into his room in the morning and says good morning big boy!
-She pays attention. I was driving home and we passed the street you take to get to the store and she said, "We go to Winco mommy?"
-She loves animals. We watch Jack Hannahs into the wild every week and she freaked when we went to the zoo.
-Her favorite movies are Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Kung Fu Panda, and Tinkerbell
-She walk around singing go down medicine, go doooowwwnn medicine.
-She loves to go on an on rattling off all th people she loves.
-She has a bit of a crush on Rob's volleyball player Futi.
-She's about 25 lbs
-She loves loves loves playing with her friends, she's very social.
-She's big into asserting her new found autonomy. Mom: "We need to put a coat on." Etta: "No want to need a coat on!" Mom: "Let's have bath time!" Etta: "No want to bath time Sarah!"
-Yes, she sometimes calls me Sarah. "Come oonnnn, Sarah." It's pretty funny.
-Her love of music hasn't changed and neither has her little dancey tip toeing prance.
-Her favorite foods are plain Greek yogurt, applesauce, grilled cheese, pasta, any fruit, and any treat.
-She loves to help me cook and is really getting into pretending. She loves to cook for me in her kitchen. "I'm makiiinnngg, mmmmm....pancakes."
-She has on more than one occasion taken her toothpaste and brushed it all over her body with her toothbrush.
-There is SO much more I could just go on and on about my sweet Elizabeth. She is so funny and a joy to be around.