Friday, July 22, 2011

Wheatley Family Reunion 2011

So the Wheatley clan had a small reunion this year right here in Utah.
Friday night what had a great swim BBQ with family at my aunt Torrie's house in sandy.
We stayed at my parents since Rob was gone and cousins were there, and it was of course a blast. Etta had so much fun sleeping over with my brother's kids.

The next day we spent all afternoon at Snowbird.
Jewels and I riding up to do the zip line! (for some reason when Jacqueline said smile we simultaneously did this)

Little Liam was such a trooper. There really wasn't anything for him to do there and we stayed all day! So here he is chillin in the stroller.

There was bull riding which by my face I'm sure you can tell I was awesome at...pretty sure I held the days record. Oh yeah...

Liam with his buddy for the day...papi! The one thing I really took him on was the tram which I thought would be fun for him. They said it gets pretty crowded with the strollers on there so I left mine. As we're trying to get on Etta refused to put on her shoes so I just grabbed her and went so we wouldn't miss it. Little did I know that there were no benches in there. So I had to hold her the whole time which left my dad holding Liam. The kids were struggling so I thought, "I'll just ride up and ride straight back down." What I also didn't know was that you have to wait 30 min at the top for the next tram. So we get to the top which (in the last week of june) is still completely covered in snow. So me in my flip flops holding my shoe-less child went to find a place to sit. Not a bench, chair, or step to be had to rest your laurels out of the snow. So we hung out throwing snowballs at passersby and Liam passed out on my dad's shoulder.

We got some yummy lunch...yes, in our matching T-Shirts thank you.

And did the alpine slide, which Etta refused to do with me...

Etta did however want to do this...surprised...

Which she quickly backed out of and started crying once strapped in...ahhh, not surprised...
But the people were really nice and let me come in the gates with her to coax her back on. She conquered her fears getting back on the tramp. (although she never let both feet leave the ground at the same time :) Way to go bug.

The only thing that could have possibly made it better would've been to have Rob there with us. You are missed my beloved!
We stayed the night with family again and had a fun weekend playing and visiting with cousins, grandparents, great grands, aunts, uncles, and nieces and nephews! Thanks fam!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuscan Villas Regional Qualifier

Poker Night...
This ended in an intense, head to head, rob on rob battle that was cut short.
We need a rematch.

Love it...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hmmm...Have I really not done this yet? Yikes!

For the second year now we've done an Easter egg hunt with Etta's friends around the neighborhood. This way she's gaurenteed to have a fun Easter hunt with little ones her age.
It's super fun. All the kids wait on my couch itching with excitement while the dad's hide the eggs outside.

The Girls
Most of the Gang


Daddy and Bug
This is just a fun day with cousin Mason. We just missed an awesome pic of these two pushing each other in the car...too bad.
My little bug starting to look so old!

Liam with some major arm strength.

Later we went up to my moms to do a hunt with cousin Mason. So fun!
Happy Easter! (in July...)