Friday, June 24, 2011

My one and only...Coach

For those of you who don't know this is Coach.

What you also may not know is that he is a wildly talented, freakishly athletic, endlessly patient, tirelessly hard working, infinitely loving, and an insane smarty pants.
Can you tell I kinda like this guy?
This year has been a tough busy year for Coach and the men of the BYU Men's Volleyball team.
The Cougars got a rocky start to there season by losing their previous coach. After that Rob was brought on as the interim head coach. Seeing that it was august already, Coach and the team didn't have much time to prepare for their quickly approaching season.
This resulted in the last year being a crazy trial by fire whirlwind of 70 hour work weeks, lots of sleepless nights, tons of team dinners, and rob trying to define the kind of coach he wants to be.
It was hard and I am so proud of Rob and the team for their efforts and success this past year finishing #2 in the country with 20-7 record only to be beat by the team who took it all the way to the national championship.
Coach went above and beyond the call of duty to make the BYU men's volleyball team the best they could be.
As many of you know he was up for the permanent head coaching position and did not get the job. Crazy right? How could they not want the guy I just described?
At first I was really upset...then I was pretty pissed off...then I was able to be rational and see that the Lord was just sending us down a different path. And that's OK.
So as of now Rob is the assistant to a wonderful head coach and an amazingly talented team at a university we're still proud to call home.
Coach also decided to go back to school. So a week later he took the GMAT and aced it, the little stinker.
All in all we have no idea where life is taking us now but we're excited for a new adventure...and we couldn't be more grateful for the experience we had this last year and the group of players, families, coaches, and volunteers we had the privilege to know better.
So I guess we'll keep you posted on our next move and in the mean time keep supporting the BYU MVB and my sweet hubby...Coach.

Love you babe...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tour de Utah: Mountain West Burrito

If I were to tell you there was a great little restaurant in an old abandoned gas station that now shares it's space with a smoke shop would you try it?

Well there is, and you should.

It's called Mountain West Burrito. This place is absolutely delicious. It's fresh, local produce enhances the great flavors of their vegetarian friendly (but not limited to) menu.

I got the crisp taco, which was delightful. I'll tell you what I was eyeing though...the chicken nachos looked amazing and did not disappoint. They were delectable.

The meat was moist and juicy, the tortillas fresh and delish. From what I could tell everyone in our party was extremely satisified.

How good does that look?

Now if all of that wasn't enough, the owner seems like a great guy and delivers awesome customer service, everything is under $10, and you'll be supporting a local business.

How does it get any better? I submit that it does not.

So if you want some solid Mexican food head over to Mountain West Burrito on 1796 North 950 West in Provo Utah (right off state coming down the hill from Orem) and enjoy!
If you check in with face book they'll even give you a free chips and salsa which guess what? They're awesome too...go figure.

I just had to steal these from Ashlie's blog. I love these girlies so much. They have tons of fun playing and dressing up.
It's a blast seeing Etta grow and progress in her play. She's really started to "make believe."
The other night they were taking turns dying, gasping, crying, and reviving each other with their spot on renditions of "flower gleam and glow."
These girls are too much in the best way possible.

We love all our sweet friends.