Thursday, July 30, 2009

I feel great thank you!

You all are so sweet and I've been so grateful for everyone's love and concern. I do feel good. I tend to be exaushted the first month or so but otherwise I have no ailments to complain of so I feel very blessed. We are super excited and no, I don't have any feeling if it's a boy or a girl sooo we'll just have to wait for the trusty ole ultra sound. Anyway, I'll definitely be keeping you posted on every little thing. I just have to get my computer to stop freaking out. Oh! And we finally got our desk put in. I'll post pics soon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So Rob's been wanting to tell everyone from the get go but I like to wait till I've seen the doctor. So now that I've seen the doc and all seems well I thought I'd tell you all...

We're pretty excited. We decided in June to start trying and no sooner than the words had escaped my lips I was pregnant! (we are apparently a very fertile family.) Anyway we thought we'd share the news with you all, our family and friends, and we can all wait together for the little one to join us March 5, 2010.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Buy Low

So I happened into Buy Low today down in Provo. I had to go by Wilson Diamonds and I thought hmmm, I should pick up some baby food and milk. So I walk in and find myself in the middle of the tornado that was Wednesday produce sales. Now I had no previous knowledge of said sale so I was a bit taken back by the grandmas with their game faces on ready to pounce. I thought I may as well get some fruit while I was there and as I started checking prices I realized what all the frenzy was about. I got 2lbs of strawberries, 4.5 lbs of Fuji apples, 2lbs of Bananas, 2.5lbs of cherries, 3 lbs of peaches, 2 lbs of zucchini, and a pineapple for $12. I repeat $12. That's like an average of like $0.63 a pound! Maybe this isn't a steal for all you coupon clipping fools out there but for me who has tried but will have none of it, it was a great deal. So next Wednesday if you're free head down to buy low. Well I suppose I ought to try the produce and tell you if it's any good first...check back with me later for that one.

Life as of Lately

We are tired over here at the Neilson house. So very very tired. I've been exhausted lately! Little Etta is being so cute but so crazy! Something happened when she turned one. She has turned into a crazy zombie banshee baby. She'll be the most adorable thing then at the flip of coin she's a crying mess.

I've just been having a really hard time figuring out the new schedule she's on. We were such clockwork before and now it's changed, which is totally OK but I just need to figure out what it changed to. We're on totally different frequencies. So basically days are just really long with my new hyper active non napping super adorable child. Any suggestions? Did any of you notice a big change in you babies at one?

So that's our problem, but then rob is tired too. Normally when I'm feeling extra tired I use a lot of help from Rob. And although he has still been really helpful, he's so tired! I almost feel bad asking because he seems just as tired as me. With all his volleyball camps ALL day and traveling here and there and everywhere he's just wiped. So basically what I'm asking is does anyone want to take Elizabeth so we can sleep for like three days straight?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We're lovin the weather and our pool!
What a little poser.

Elizabeth loves, LOVES, her baby float. She runs around that pool like she owns the place mowing over several kids on each trip. She just loves going from person to person, checking them out, occasionally taking their toys, and exploring everything!

Elizabeth was getting heavy to carry and I was wishing I had a baby backpak but this sounded like a better idea than it actually turned out to be.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fourth of July

So my "white cake" dessert has become my go-to easy crowd pleasin' treat. It's simply box white cake, with a special whipped topping, and raspberry glazed fruit on top. This time I thought why not make it like a flag for the fourth? So this is my attempt, it proved difficult when the glaze started encroaching on the white stripes and there wasn't enough frosting for the stars (which were a total after thought) so yes I know, it doesn't have any stars. Rob says I don't support the union...

Aaaand I made a fruit tart...mmmmm. (PS-Let me know if you guys are interested in recipes).

Aaaand have the cutest baby in the world. I understand this is an excess of pictures that are quite similar but I couldn't help myself, they were all so adorable.

This is how books are dealt with in the Neilson house. You must first test the significance by tasting the book.

If it passes that test you should fiddle with it for a while and try to tear it apart.

Then, and only then...

do you commence to read.

We had such a fun day at Margaret's eating barbecue and watching fireworks. It was one of Elizabeth's latest nights out...and she was wiped.  All she needed was some quality snuggle time with Hugo and her day was complete. Thanks again Margaret and happy fourth!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Colorado Catch Up

On our way home from New York we stopped in Colorado and my sister Julia just got some of these cute pics to me! First of our little farmer tan baby experiencing her crazy princess walker for the first time.
Then our sweet baby experiencing this kinda freaky coyote for the first time.

My parents, thanks deedee and papa for watching our little one.

At this restaurant, Traildust, where they cut off your tie if you're wearing one, they have a huge slide right by the tables and the dance floor! I think we had more fun than Elizabeth. This is the restaurant my family took Rob to when he secretly flew out to Colorado for one day to ask for my hand in person.

Sweetheart sippin at Rob's now favorite sushi restaurant by my parents.

Breakfast at where else but The Original Pancake House on our way out of town...mmmm, dutch baby.

Elizabeth loved hanging out with you guys!

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Birthday More Ranch

A pic of some of the decorations.
Cousins and a super tired Elizabeth.

The infamous birthday cupcake. Will never do again! Haha, it was such a pain so I think I'll stick to carving my own. Good thing she doesn't know the difference!

Elizabeth needing some help blowing out the candles and loving her birthday hat.

She had a little trouble with the concept of opening one, putting it away, and getting another present. This baby she's been wanting for months wasn't going any where.

Lovin the cake, or all the attention. It's hard to tell but either way I think she had a great day!

We try to teach her to be gentle with hair to no avail. The key is to hold her hands while she's on your shoulders, Rob.

There you go.

Cute girlies loving the horses.

So fun! If my blog will ever let me post video I'll get some up soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Night at the Museum

A couple weeks ago my family was in town and it was fun! My parents were here and even my brothers family from San Jose. So with all the kiddies we thought we'd go to the dinosaur museum up at Thanksgiving point. I had never been there before and it was actually really cool!
Elizabeth wasn't sure about the sand at first but warmed up eventually and was just have a gay old time splashin around!

There's alot of scary things around these parts, but the babies weren't phased.

You have watch out for lurking around the next corner!

Come on how cute is that?

Elizabeth is a very aggressive child with the best intentions possible. She's just so friendly and assumes everyone wants to play with her.

Always the curious cat, elizabeth was loving all there was to look at and touch.

Like this dinosaur just her size!

The whole gang.

Can't get enough of these kids!

They even had a place you could sit and the sand and dig for bones!

All in all it was very successful trip and Elizabeth loved it, as evident by her cheeser face!