Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glorious Sabbath

Having my child in nursery for the first time...Pros and Cons.
We're all so excited to go in the morning.
She made new friends.
She had fun and loved church.
We remembered why we loved church.
We learned something in church.
She spent all her energy and passed out for her nap afterwards.
We were both able to teach our lesson.
My purse isn't bulging with three hours worth of distractions.
We have pictures she "draws" to put on the frig.
She's learning to play with others.
We were able to sit next to each other.
She didn't disrupt anyone's class with the infamous squealing.
She has time without us.
We have time without her.
Nope, can't think of one.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cornbelly's Flop

It's fall, Halloween time, the slight chill in the air...does it ever make you nostalgic for bad food, over priced admissions, crap attractions, and horrible attempts at entertaining performances?

Hmmm, neither.

I'm sorry, but you've gotta be kidding me. We walk into a complete mess of "attractions" not labeled well and not enticing. Perhaps Elizabeth was just a little young to appreciate it or perhaps it was completely trashy. I'm thinking it's both. I suppose I just expected a little more from thanksgiving point (and a little more for our $22 dollars, yeah...seriously). The info about it touts fun rides, entertainment, good food, and animals.

Rides: slides, stuff to jump on, swings, open fields to run around in...does this sound like a park to anyone else? Oh yeah you're right it is different, a park is free.

Entertainment: people attempting to recreate Thriller with animal costumes and an inaudible boom box, grown men making fools of themselves for the so called "pig race" featuring rat sized pigs for 2 minutes of the hour long show...yikes.

Food: Admittedly delicious corn chowder served in an unfortunately frozen bread bowl, oh yeah, greasy limp fries, sub sub par burgers, and fried PB&J...people don't really eat those do they?

Animals: For a mere $7 more dollars on top of our $22 that you thought included seeing farm animals you can walk over to farm country, a completely separate attraction!

Well, despite all this we thought we'd try to make the most of it so we walked around, played on the swings, took the kiddies through the mini corn maze, ate, checked out their actually impressive display of carved pumpkins, and watched a pig race!
Classic comments from Rob through out the night like:
"Next time we're getting food and going to the park."
"This is the first time we've ever done anything really stereotypical of the Utah hick."
So cute! Etta would have a blast anywhere she could watch kids run around.

Kennedy lovin the swings.

Me ruining the picture...not sure what I'm doing.

The Shaners with their cute smiling baby.

All in all it definitely flopped in my books. Maybe the haunted maze is fun and the jury is out on Farm Country which we will be trying soon...but my suggestion, especially for little ones, would be to go to Hee Haw's. Just as ghetto but more for little babies to do and $3.

Hope you all had as much fun this Halloween as we coming soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold Weather Frolicking

So all summer we had so much fun playing outside with our neighbors. It's pretty much what we did every day. Now that it's getting cold we're going to have to find some other things to do. I'm starting a list of Cold weather activity ideas. If you've got any great ones let me know. So far we're still trying to enjoy the outdoors till it's really unbearable. So we just get bundled up and cruise the neighborhood as usual!
Etta has a slight obsession with "unkins."
The famous tight lipped Etta smile.

What a cutie, how could you just not melt at the site of that?!