Monday, September 7, 2009

It's labor day and here's what's happening.

So here's what's happening. I have a months worth of fun pictures and trips to tell you all about but technology hates me and I am once again having computer issues. Rob's PC is pretty much out of memory so I can't add more photos without wanting to shoot myself. I could add them to my mac but then I wouldn't be able to post them because my mac will not let me sign into Gmail no matter what I try. So that's my story and it stinks.

On a happier note, it's labor day and not only are we spending tonight doing what will surely be a fabulous BBQ with family but there are all sorts of good sales going on. So after Elizabeth takes a nap I'm off to find some good deals that hopefully weren't ravaged and gone by five this morning via the coupon crazy utah mormon moms brigade. What I'm really hoping for is a deal on some furniture for our basement and on some supplies for my latest project.

A girl in our ward told me about this and I'm so excited. It's a plan to make your own toddler bed. It can be found here: I love me an upholstered bed so of course I went bananas over this fun and affordable project. However, I'm going to do them for twin beds and make a headboard as well. I'm just waiting to see what the sex of our baby is going to be because I'm making two. I never totally decorated Elizabeth's room and now I want too and I see no reason to have to change it in another year when a new baby joins her in there. Oooo, I love a project!