Friday, May 27, 2011

Tour de Utah: Slab Pizza

Coach and I (and a few choice friends) have started a eating tour of Utah.
This started a while back as a result of gathering to visit one of our recent favorite finds.
We started thinking we should pick places around the valley, lesser known, (preferably cheap) rare find kind of joints, try them together and rate them accordingly.
We've been to a few now and I feel like I need to start documenting my thoughts to share with all of you.
So starting with our first stop...Slab Pizza.
How I love thee, let me count the ways.
There's been a lot of hype about Pizzeria 712, and as much as I love the Heirloom Family of Eateries I haven't been blown away by much of anything but the price at 712.
If you know me you know that I love good food and know good food.
I will never steer you wrong.
So the name Slab refers to the way it's served in slabs instead of slices. They only come in one gigantic size which equals a quarter of the pizza. take a posse and share a variety of flavors amongst the group.
Slab has a diverse menu of classic favorites and funky new combos.
I of coarse was loving me some Veggie/Pepp/Sausage and the Hawaiian (which you can get with SPAM btw, not that I would...yuck) but that's boring so here's what you really need to try...
Rosemary, Potato, + Bacon, Pulled Pork, or maybe some Buffalo Wing Pizza (a favorite among the men).
You won't be sorry.

Their chill atmosphere, fresh local fare, good prices, ever changing specials menu, and quite possibly the best pizza crust I've ever had will get you returning again and again.
They are located at 669 East 800 North in Provo just east of the duck ponds tucked down and around the corner from JDawgs (another cult provo fav).
So check it out and check back for our next stop of the Tour de Utah.
Come join us or post where you think we should go...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Blue Eyed Boy

A few weeks ago we were outside enjoying some of the first signs of spring with some neighbors and my uber talented friend Nicole snapped some quick candids of Liam crawling about...

Love this little guy. Thanks for capturing this memory of my boy and his sweet baby blues.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So a couple months ago I realized I had never made ribs for coach. Seeing that it's one of his favorite things, I had to rectify that. So I got straight to work.
Ribs#1: Terrible. The rub was way too salty and I used too much. I tried reducing my braising liquid for sauce but it was too strong and too thin. I was disappointed but coach still ate them so...
Ribs#2: Better. Great in fact. Made my own separate sauce. Minor tweaking needed.
Ribs#3: Delightful. Unbelievably tender but stayed on the bone. Nice char on the outside. Sweet, spicy, sticky sauce. Mmmm...

If you know my husband you know that he thinks I am the best at all things food and has to share that with the world. So he invites everyone over to try "the best ribs ever!"
So nice to be appreciated.

Along with the ribs I made cornbread, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes.
I've made cornbread from scratch a lot but Marie Calendars packaged mix remains my favorite. It's so good! Just don't over cook it and I've even added sour cream for moisture.
For the slaw I made a riff on something I saw on food network. It was cabbage, bacon, and green apples in a lime vinaigrette with Indian inspired spices. Sooo good, and I don't even like slaw.
Mashed potatoes I did my usual gold yukons, skin on, with tons of butter and cream. :)
Oh and of course honey butter, you cannot forget that. I used this local orange blossom honey.

In other news, my friends Stephanie and I started trading sitting every week. I take her two kids from 10-12 and she takes mine from 12-2 or vise versa. If you're are not currently doing this, you should. It's awesome. Just to get some errands done, clean your house, go shopping, or get your hair done. Thanks Steph!

The kids have so much fun together...

They thought they were pretty hilarious with these matching glasses on. They kept putting their heads together and laughing hysterically when their glasses would touch.

This month was also really fantastic because I got to follow coach down to Pepperdine without my kiddies! A huge, huge thank goes out to my MIL Margaret. She stayed here with the kids for the weekend while I enjoyed swimming, sleeping in, nice weather, eating at great restaurants, shopping, uninterrupted volleyball watching, and loads of time with my favorite guy ever and his 15 goofy and lovable little brothers. ;) I had such a fun time with the team but of course took no pictures like a buster!
Oh, well. :) The memories will stay with me in my mind.