Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When in Rome...

You Belong in Rome
You're a big city soul with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miss Giggles.

So here is one of the many videos I've been trying to post. This is our friend Julie getting some giggles and squeals out of Elizabeth over thanksgiving. The object of the excitement is her much beloved dog Hugo. From what I hear she was laughing more than squealing while I was in the loo before whipping out the camera and catching the end of her delirium.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving, Good Living.

You know life's good when you're spending Thanksgiving at the beach. This year we decided to go down to San Diego and visit Rob's dad and sisters for the holiday luckily all his sisters decided to as well!
We had so much fun...let's see. We got to see the Rowleys (no picture, tear) in Vegas on our way out. Then Rob's Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to have us stay over in Corona to visit with them and Rob's Grandparents, Keith and Sally. It was so amazing to see them still trucking along, at 94, and loving every minute of it. Keith drove us, yep drove us to lunch, and I never once felt like I was going to die. That's impressive. :) We then went out to see Roy and Jenna. Two of the sweetest people we know. Rob lived with them his senior year of high school and they've been great family friends before that and since. We had a blast visiting other friends from Robbie's former life in the Palisades. After spending a couple days there we went through the oc to visit Russell, Julie and Sadie (sooo fun!) and Rob's good friends Josh and his wife heather. They were so sweet, cooked us a great meal and let us stay...we love those guys.
Russ and Julie

Roy and Jenna
Lastly we ended up at the final destination in SD...where katie cooked us a stellar thankgsiving, mindy and dan got everyone sick (we love you guys anyway :), Mya schooled me in the ways of modern technology, Owie woke us up every morning proclaiming at the top of his lungs, "Owie go peepee!" pretty much everyone had me laughing all weekend, and I became master to the extreme of all things Rock Band. Thanks Bob and family for showing us a good time.

The last day we were there the weather finally cleared up and we took baby to the beach for the very first time...

Mya and Abby...it wasn't exactly the best swim day but they braved the cold. As did Hannah, Ben, and Nate when Hannah accidentally dropped him in the water. :)

Cutest Baby Ever.

Awww...that hat is huge.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We've got spirit, yes we do!

BYU Alumni vs. Newbies Match.
I've done many a post parading Baby's BYU enthusiasm but this one just takes the cake. I mean come on...could she be any more adorable? I submit that she cannot.
(BTW-Baby is still mesmerized by the camera and stops smiling as soon as she sees it. And yes, I call her Baby...but to you she is Etta, "cause no one puts Baby in a corner.")

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So my computer once again has been having issues of the worst kind which I'm afraid just might ruin me on Macs forever. That drama put aside I'm sure I could've found a way but I've been a totally and complete slacker. So here I am playing some major catch up as I re-enter the blogging world.

For Halloween Robbie and I stopped by our ward party, celebrated Robbie's bday, carved pumpkins and went over to the Parkinson's for fun and games. We being the debbie downers we are never dressed up. We did however borrow our neighbors costume from last year for Elizabeth. Needless to say it was hilarious. I love this girl.

Can't find the pictures of our pumpkins!! Sad day, maybe they'll pop up somewhere.
Till tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prop 8

A short paper by Morris Thurston, retired attorney, adjunct professor at BYU Law School, and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This paper addresses an anonymous flyer, “Six Consequences if Proposition 8 Fails” that has become the platform many Mormon and other church leaders are using to insist on anti-marriage equality votes on California's Proposition 8. He debunks the flyer and its arguments with sound law and out of his reverent LDS faith.

This doesn't change my opinion and support of Prop 8, however, it is very interesting and may bring changes to my reasoning. Check it out if you're interested.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Other Part of the Tag

So for this part of the tag you're supposed to go to your four folder and post the fourth picture.

So this is a craft I did for Elizabeth's room (not the best picture). It's about 24 inch tall, covered front to back with torn strips of fabric, and then glazed it with Mod Podge.

Monday, October 27, 2008


8 Favorite TV Shows:

1. House MD
2. How It's Made
3. Lost
4. 24
5. Starter Wife
6. Extreme Home Makeover (any makeover show for that matter, LOVE Dress My Nest)
7. So You Think You Can Dance
8. Good Eats (Iron Chef, Paula Deen, anything foodie)

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Drove Rob's recruit to the airport.
2. Went to church with Margaret and Bob.
3. Had a fantastic Favorite Meal Birthday Dinner for Robbie.
4. Played with nieces and nephews.
5. Smiled when Rob found his Bday Surprise.
6. Got winded walking up a hill.
7. Kissed baby about a thousand times.
8. Read my book and went to bed at 9:30.

8 Things I Look Forward to:

1. Waking baby up in the morning to watch The Price is Right.
2. To finish decorating my house someday.
3. Carving pumpkins tomorrow.
4. Tin foil dinners Friday.
5. Dressing baby up for Halloween.
6. Losing my baby weight so I can fit into all my adorable winter clothes.
7. Going to Cali for Thanksgiving.
8. To finish building my bookshelves.

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Maggiano's
2. Bombay House
3. ORIGINAL Pancake House
4. Foundry Grill
5. Chipotle
6. RA
7. Melting Pot
8. Teppenyaki

8 Things on My Wish List:

1. Read 1 book a week.
2. Work out everyday.
3. A large, aged, dark wood farm table.
4. To have every room in my house painted how I'd like it by someone other than me.
5. A miniature Norwegian Elkhound.
6. To eat endless desserts without gaining weight.
7. Hard wood floors.
8. A happy, healthy family.

8 People to Tag:


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Will you let me carry you? One day you'll walk alone...I cannot bear to miss one day from now until you've grown.

So we went to the doc on Monday to do a little checkin up on the babe. We are happy to report that she is all things healthy and wonderful. She took her poking and prodding like a champ.
She came out to be:
13 lbs 12 oz - 26th percentile
25 inches long - 65th percentile
16.5 inch head - 66th percentile

Let's see new things Etta's doing...

Screaming at extremely high pitched tones for fun

Rolling from one end of the room to the other

Sucking her thumb

Getting ticked at whoever is splashing her in the tub

No longer color blind

Eating solids...or should I say not eating

-Videos showcasing these new phenomena coming to a blog near you soon-

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

APES Baby!

So in our family we be lovin us some football. That's another reason why I love the fall so much. BYU football starting is one of those things that just puts a fun buzz in the air around Provo. In addition to that Robbie starts flag football. Maybe this is lame but I have such a blast watching him play. It's fun to watch him in his element of sports. Anyway, so here's baby and us at her first football game followed by some early winter nights watching daddy dominate! Oh and a pic from one of the worst games I've been to. Although my family was there (which is always fun) it was unbelievably hot, baby was surly, a woman threw up right next to us and it stunk, and as Rob reminded me, from five rows up and five rows down for some reason ours was the row of choice to travel through for at least 50 people. Hopefully it doesn't ruin baby on football forever... :)

Oh, PS above is one of the onesies I've made that hopefully might make up for my betrayel. :) Here's another...

Sleep Sanity.

I know I already mentioned the book 12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old but I have to say it again. This book has saved me. Elizabeth sleeps from 8pm to 8am. Eats at 8am. Takes a nap from 9:30-10:30. Eats at 12pm. Sleeps from 12:30-4:00! Eats at 4pm. Awake from 4-8, sometimes takes a 20-30 min cat nap around 6:00. Eats at 8:00 (or just before). Sleeps again from 8 to 8! We put her in her bed awake, in her own room, typically without crying (although there was some crying in the process to get to this point), and we have to wake her up. When she can stay relatively close to this schedule she is happy, pleasant, and calm while she's awake. I'm not exaggerating, this is really her schedule. Granted I think Elizabeth is a very good baby however, I really believe it is mostly to do with diligently following this book. We read quite a few books and took advice from all of them but what I liked so much about this one is that it's practical not just theoretical. Many of the books we read gave generalized advice that was difficult to apply for first time parents. This books tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. That's what I needed! I've spoken with people that feel as though a strict schedule would tie them down and take away the freedom they love. Talk to those same parents a few kids later and I'm sure they might sacrifice some of that "freedom" for some sanity. I know I speak from little experience seeing that I only have my first baby and she's only 4 months old, but I'm not the only person that this has worked for. This book came recommended from 3 friends who's kids had similar success. I also understand that all kids are different, so I'm sure applying these rules may take more patience from some than others, but I just wanted to share my happiness with all of you and tell you that I believe if anyone is determined to follow this strictly their little one will have success.

Wow, that ended up being a much longer rant than planned! I really just wanted to post these sweet little pictures of Elizabeth snoozing a couple months ago and got carried away! Anyways, enjoy and let me know about your sleep success or woes and if you've tried this book! Xoxo-

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Behind Enemy Lines

So I've been making onesies for a little while now and recently I had the idea to make cute BYU ones (which I'll have to post here now too).  So when my friend from Salt Lake saw them she thought cute, can you make some for my kids?  I thought sure why not, then it dawned on me...these would not be BYU onesies, they'd be for the enemy!  The unspeakable...the University of Utah!  I struggled with the decision for hours...days, my blood runs blue!  Ultimately I decided I would allow it this once.  So my friend picked out some fabric  (because I didn't have any red of coarse) and I got to sewin.  Rob suggested that I stitch a tiny blue Y in a corner somewhere...haha who knows...maybe I did.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My baby daddy...

Husband Tag:

1. What's his name? Robert Todd Neilson. Affectionately Robbie.
2. How many years have we been married? 2 years, 1 month, and days.
3. How long did you date? About a year and a half with a 3 month breather.
4. How old is he? 28 on October 25th. He's practically my grandpa.
5. Who eats more? Hmm, depends what it is. But he does have a talent for eating everything on the table and still looking hot as ever.
6. Who said "I Love You" first? Roberto. Though technically I think I wrote "love, Sarah" first.
7. Who is taller? With heels? Hmmm, for sure Robbie.
8. Who sings better? I'm gonna have to go ahead and say me...but he does have major potential, very Johnny Cash-esque.
9. Who is smarter? The neuroscience major or the chef? Tough one. Rob laughs when I say I had to take culinary math, yes, it's a real thing.
10. Who does the laundry? Neither of us usually. Either of us when we finally run out of clothes. I'm trying to improve upon my wifely duties in this area.
11. Who pays the bills? Whoever cleans out the junk drawer and finds them. Rob takes them out of the envelope, tears off the strip then leaves it on the counter for me to write a check.

12. Who mows the lawn? The HOA.
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When you're in bed I'm on the right, but at the last house we were opposite.
14. Who cooks dinner? Rob is master of all things omelets and steaks, otherwise, it's me.
15. Who drives? Me when I ask nicely...but usually Rob. I can't drive his car though, don't know how.
16. Who is more stubborn? I think neither of us are that stubborn and Rob said both of us are pretty stubborn. Who knows.
17. Who kissed who first? Rob made his move on the first date (a little scandalous, I know) and I was lovin it! Haha, and here we are happily ever after!
18. Who asked who out first? Hmmm, it was sort of a mutual lets hang out sort of thing.
19. Who proposed? Mr. Neilson.
20. Who has more friends? I may have more friends but he has better friends. Not to say my friends are no good but Rob's are closer.
21. Who is more sensitive? Rob, he's a big softy.
22. Who has more siblings? Same. I'm 4th of 2 boys 3 girls and he's 5th of 4 girls 1 lone boy!

23. Who wears the pants? We each have one leg in the pants, but I kinda like it better when he wears em...tells me what to do. :)
24. Is he handy around the house? Very, my sexy little handyman.
25. His hobbies or favorite activities. Golfing, Reading, Me, Golfing, Pretty much any sport, Baby, scavenging courses for golf balls, scavenging the web for golf clubs, scavenging the library for golf books, I could go on...you get it.
26. His best features and qualities. Rob has great legs. Strange I know, but I'm serious...check his calves next time you see him...hot. Pretty much there's not a feature on Rob I would change. His qualities...he's very analytical, very sympathetic and understanding, laid back and positive, he's a fun loving father, and a great teacher.

I tag everyone who's married.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Everybody Loves a Pasta Salad

Quite to the contrary, I had a disdain for all things pasta salad. Everywhere I would go, every relief society function, every open house, I had to eat a pasta salad that was less than desirable. Then my taste buds were enlivened by this very Spinach Spectacular of the mouth. So here it is, one of the now two pasta salads that I like.

16 oz bow tie pasta (cooked al dente, set aside)
2 cups chicken (cook, cube, set aside)
1 cup vegetable oil
2/3 cup teriyaki
2/3 cup white wine vinegar
6 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

1, 10 oz bag fresh spinach
6 oz bag craisins
3, 11 oz cans manderin oranges, drained
1/2 cup parsley, chopped
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds
6 oz honey roasted peanuts (which I omit because nuts should never be in a salad)
2, 8 oz cans sliced water chestnut (which I also omit because water chestnuts are gross and useless)

To make the dressing combine all ingredients except the oil in a blender. Then slowly drizzle in the oil while the blender is running. You must make it this way or the dressing will separate. Then marinade the cooked pasta and chicken in the dressing for at least 2 hours. I simply do this the night before along with portioning all the salad components. The chicken and pasta have much better flavor and assembly is much quicker the next day! Right before serving toss everything together an eat up! Pasta salad, yummy yummy...and no I don't watch the wiggles.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guten Tag

Okay so, the tag is six quirky things about myself...six is definitely not enough but here it goes.

1. I must at all cost have my movies alphabetized. I was having Rob help me think of some quirky qualities and he said that this is not so much quirky, as it is merely common sense. However, most people I know don't do it?! My passion for this started about 6 years ago. While I was waiting for the most boring game of settlers ever to be over I alphabetized the Parkinson's entire movie collection (this is my sister in laws family). They thought this was odd, but I'm sure they were eternally grateful. But please, if your child happens to pull them off my shelf, don't worry your pretty little head about it. I will probably enjoy the process of putting them back, so thanks for the fun!

2. I too must have my clothes color coordinated. Once again though, I don't know that this is really quirky as much as it is common sense..."hmmm, I'm looking for some sort of long sleeve white cotton shirt...oh here's one in the long sleeve white cotton shirt section." Handy right? Now is it weird that short sleeve, long sleeve, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, sweats, pants, dresses, and skirts all have their own sections that are then individually color coordinated? Hmmm. I don't know but it's a thing of beauty.

3. I have an affinity for hanging pretty much every clock I have all on one wall. Try it, it's nifty. I always know what time it is.

4. Rob: "This parking lot is totally full, let me drop you off."
Me: "Look, there's a park right there."
Rob: "A park? What, do you mean a parking spot?
Sarah: "No, a park. Is that weird to say?"
Rob: "Yes. Yes it is."
Oh and I guess I say leverage like a British person. Leading me to my next one...

5. More than once I have realized that all of the sudden my thought are in a British accent. Uh huh, really. I think it's my secret fantasy to have an English accent. Or maybe it's just my true self dying to come out. I've always felt I was born in the wrong time and place.

6. I am a crazy picker. It has gotten to the point that my husband actually enjoys being groomed by me. Hopefully baby will feel the same way or I might drive her completely bananas. Ever since I was a child I was very "just so" about my appearance. My mother said I cried when I had the chicken pox and didn't want anyone to see me. As a result I am an incessant groomer. If you have a whitehead, dirt under your nails, visible wax in your ears, something in your teeth or on your face...this is unacceptable and I will unconsciously stare at it numerous times...I am sorry! But I understand that everyone is different so I won't judge you, I will in fact still love you very very much. I may even offer you a Q-tip or some floss out of love and concern. So just know however that if I baby sit your children they will probably come home with clean ears and clipped nails.

So this is weird old me in a nutshell although I could go on. You're supposed to tag 6 friends, tell them in a comment you tagged them. Have fun! Oh, I tag Jody, Brittnie, Esther, Andrea, Kristy, and Janei'a.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Everyday Joys...

Awe, baby loves hugo.
Hehe, look at those chubby little legs.
We love you baby!!
Must hit anything close to hand.
Must eat everything close to mouth.
Kujack and smiling baby, cute!

La Salsa Es Tan Buena!

Ok, I don't speak spanish so I'm sure that's wrong but mmm salsa IS so good. This recipe is Quick, Easy, and my favorite healthy snack.
1 can black beans, rinsed
1 can white corn, rinsed
1-2 orange bell peppers, small chop
4-5 Roma tomatoes, small chop
1-2 avocados, small chop
1 good size bunch of cilantro, minced
2-4 oz zesty Italian dressing

So this is what I put in it and it is so yummy, but what is so great about salsa is you can really cater it to your taste and what you've got around the house. In fact, I was just thinking how it might taste really great to add red onions...hmmm. I'm going to try it and I'll let you know. Please enjoy this fantastic snack. I'll be posting a new one soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Insert Something Witty Here -->

My Ideal Year:  
1. All together skip January.  What a terrible month this is.  Why would you keep January?  This is the month I have to adjust to my husband being gone constantly, the weather is lame, and Christmas is over.  It's only redeeming quality was Martin Luther King Day but since I'm no longer in school this is not as exciting as it formally was.  (Forgive my extreme lack of respect for using this day to escape an education I should have been appreciating and not celebrating a great man.)  Also, my apologies go to my father, for he will no longer have a birthday.
2.  February is a tough one.  I cannot skip it completely because you have Valentine's Day.  Although notoriously an unfortunate day for me, I am determined.  Last year was much better and I very much look forward to when Elizabeth starts school and I have a good excuse to adorn my heart with lace and pearls.
3.  So we skip from Valentine's/President's Day Weekend to March 2oth.  Ah, springtime.  One could not skip this time of year.  The turning from winter to spring is something I will have been longing for for at least 3 months.  The blossoms peek out from their bud cocoons, the birds start chirping, and I slowly day by day tip toe out from hibernating to enjoy the transformation.
4.  I would then transport myself to April.  April is a pleasant month.  I love the rain.  I think I could live out every day of April in happiness.  
5.  Jumping next to memorial day weekend.  This long weekend always seems to be the source of some of the most fun times of the year.  Why, I'm not sure.  Maybe it's linked to the nostalgia of school getting out and the smell of summer upon us.  I like summer.
6.  But only till about...here, July 4th, with the exception of my mother's birthday.  So I'll go through June celebrate a few birthdays of note and overdosing on the pool and anything sweet and cold.  Celebrate July 4th with the greatest rodeo on earth...although Rob is a perennial scrooge of all things holidays...and skip to the end of August.
7.  Oh sweet August you have arrived.  Memories of wonderfully awful summer camps, family reunions, and newly sharpened pencils.  My birthday of coarse makes this a great time to be alive.  Followed quickly by our anniversary.  Lovely.  August I couldn't skip you, who else has two full moons?
8.  Which brings me to September and October.  Autumn.  Let me count the ways...this is the belt to my slacks, the shell to my turtle, the bananas to my french toast!!  Sitting on the porch on a crisp rainy day, reading and drinking cider.  This is what my heaven will be like.  I think I should move to Washington where, unlike here, this is not the exception but the rule.  Among all the glory of leaves changing, football games, the first snow, and Halloween, we also have my hubby's birthday...which I just might enjoy more than he does.
9.  So we skip from October 25th to November 25th.  My sisters birthday followed or preceded closely by a wonderful face stuffing, thanks giving, turkey roasting, pumpkin loving holiday.  Then bring on the bevy of birthdays.  
10.  Lastly we leave out the dreary early weeks of December that just taunt and torment you in a lethargic count down to The Most Wonderful Tiiiiime of the Year.  Where we spend way too much money and time totally forgetting the meaning of Christmas.  But ahh, how I love it.  I cannot tell a lie.  Who doesn't love getting bundled up to go ice skating with hot cocoa.  Or decorating the tree!  Or just spending time with our loved ones singing silly carols and stuffing stockings.  What a splendid way to end the year. 
So Autumn, although some mourn the loss of summer, I embrace you and will revel in my most beloved time of the year.  If anyone loves it as much as I do, come over, and I'll make you fresh wassail.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loud Noises!

So we've been having tons of fun at the Neilson house lately. Baby has been entertaining us all day long. First of all, last night baby slept from 8:30 till 7:00! Rejoice in your rejoicing! So I went in at 7:00 to unwrap her from her baby straight jacket, she smiled, giggled, and tooted as I lovingly unraveled her layers, turned on some music and gave her something to play with. She played in her crib until 7:45 when we went in to get her for the morning. (If you want to join us in all our sleeping glory buy 12 hours of sleep by twelve weeks old, it's an awesome book) So while Rob and I were hanging out waiting for 7:45 to go get her, she was having a grand old time talking 100 miles a minute to Hugo (her dog) and Gajah (her elephant). I wish I had a sound byte of what we heard. We were cracking up. Anyway, things have just been so fun and so bittersweet as we watch her grow. Her newest accomplishment is, yes you guessed it, ROLLING! I can't believe how excited I got as I watched her roll over during tummy time today. I don't know what came over me but I was squealing with elation, jumping up and down, followed quickly by an assault of kissing. Baby was just as excited as I was, not about rolling over because I'm pretty sure she was thinking what the...just happened?...but my reaction to something she did made her ecstatic. So from giggling and talking, rolling over, constantly grabbing her feet and eating her hands, attacking her animal friends when the get anywhere near her mouth, and sleeping through the night...this is definitely my favorite age yet.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Let me count the ways...

More pics of my little cutie. I'm excited that she can sort of wear big girl clothes. We got these 0-3 month jeans on loan (thanks ashley) and the top is a sagging 3-6 month. It's really amazing. Certainly these 0-3 month pants are better than her 3-6 months but still when I pick her up they almost fall off her little non-existant belly. Our little teeny weeny. Well, we can't get enough of her so come over and visit because I'm sure she's had enough of us! Xoxo... PS - How do you make an orange laugh?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?

So I'll admit SNL has taken a dive since...well, like 1998. Not to say that this is any sort of a comeback because don't get too excited, this isn't that funny, but when I saw a still frame of this I seriously thought it was Sarah Palin. So I guess good work Tina Fey...for looking like someone you could make fun of. Haha, it is pretty funny.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Created by OnePlusYou - Online Dating Service

Missed like 212 that were left! Woops...if I could spell at all this might have been easier...I thought it was hard. See how you do...

Friday, September 12, 2008


Challenge: To get back to my pre-wedding body (not just pre baby).
Means by which I will accomplish this: P90X Extreme complete body ripping program.

Motivation: I want to look better and feel better. Saying that having a baby is hard on your body is an understatement. Having a baby destroys your body! Don't get me wrong I wouldn't take it back for anything, but it's time to do something about it. I've been talking about this for months and I'm finally doing it. There are lots of work out programs out there that promise in only 5 minutes a day you can have the body you've always wanted! Right...P90X takes a harsher but more honest approach. They tell you this is going to be the hardest thing you've ever put your body through and that you must be very dedicated. But don't you find that the things most worth having are never easy? Well, I'm going for it and I'm determined to get results. By the end of this year you're going to see me on an infomercial with boths legs in one side of my pants! :) K, so it might not be that drastic but I did take some before pictures and believe me if I wasn't motivated before, I most certainly am now! If I'm brave enough, when I'm done with the program I'll post them. I know by posting this I'm putting myself in a tough position. It's like when you tell everyone you're going to quit smoking. Everytime I see someone they'll ask me how it's going and be looking me up and down for results. That's what I want. I need as many people to keep me in line as possible. So bye bye size 10, hello size 26 Rockin Republics.

Could Be The Best Room Ever.

A wall of books, everywhere else windows, a piano, and beautiful architechure...what else do you need? Well, maybe an oversized ridiculously comfortable sofa but...it's pretty much perfect. Look how the bookshelves are pretty much just an extension of the ceiling. Loooove it. I need a room like this in my house someday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More of our little lovely.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What About Rob?

My Age:
Place I've Traveled:
Place I'd Like to Travel:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Object:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Color:
Town I was Born:
City I Live Now:
Past Love:
Bestfriends Nickname:
My First Job:
My Screen Name:
My First Name:
My Middle Name:
My Last Name:
Bad Habit:
My Grandmother's Name:
My College Degree:
What I'm Doing Right Now: