Friday, March 26, 2010

Etta Too!

So Etta's just been so funny lately, she cracks me up all day long. So I wanted to sit and remember some of the cute Etta-isms she comes up with. (the outfits are pretty funny too)

-Her big things now is "too." Etta too, etta too! She's started saying for everyone now though. She's eating too! She's washing her hair...mama poo too! That's sham-poo.

-She loves ring around the rosy and wants everyone in on it. "Rosy, rosy...gogo too, daddy too, brother too, dolly too!

-She's started collecting things and hiding them all together. The other night in bed she was asking for water. I said I didn't have any and she'd have to drink milk instead. She got up and started saying, "fine da oowa, fine da oowa," walks into her closet behind her small dresser and comes back with two sippys she's been hiding back there.

-We were reading a magazine the other day and came across a cover girl ad with eva longoria looking radiantly beautiful and she started pointing and saying mommy mommy! Bless her.

-She'll go over to Liam and tickle his toes which she thinks is fall down hilarious.

-When your cooking her food she'll tell you..."fine da bol, where da poon, nee da cup, mama...straw, straw peas, straw peas!"

-When you change her diaper she says eww, poo poos, gross, gross etta...yucky.

-She will very purposefully drop, throw, or spill something then look at you all sad and say, "uh-oh, oh no, oh noooo!" When she genuinely has an accident she will say whoops!

-Instead of keeping her clips in her hair she's now constantly blowing her hair out of her face.

-We have a book of temples that she loves to read all the time and the other day we were driving down university ave and she started saying, "mornmy, mornmy!" I was so confused. I realized after a while that she was saying moroni but I couldn't figure out how she knew where the temple was because you can't see it from there...but upon driving back that way I found out you can see moroni just barely peeking over the trees. Amazing.

-She absolutely loses her mind over fruit snacks.

-She still loves putting on shoes although she mostly moved on from her patent mary janes to her sparkly jellies as a favorite. Yesterday she brought my shoes out which she usually puts on and prances around in happily, but this time she was getting so upset handing me the shoes. I asked what she wanted and she said mommy too! So I put them on, she looked at me satisfied, and just turned and walked away.

-She loves her friends! Even when you hear a bump from our neighbors wall she'll start screaming addy addy addy!

-She loves, "faces!" Which of coarse means funny faces. She pulls her lips to the sides and sticks out her tongue and anything you do will receive roaring laughter but if you make a face and cross your eyes she will totally lose it.

-She thinks she's invisible when she closes her eyes.

-Etta is actually a really good hider. She'll go in the closet behind our clothes or under her covers and wait there completely still and quiet until you come get her, no matter how long!

-Every morning she pulls down the blanket over her blinds and sits in her bed and reads or plays with her "toy" which isn't all toys but one very specific one from Ikea (just like snacks can't be just anything, snack only means fruit snack) when you walk in she just looks up and says, "Hi mommy...where's daddy?" If it gets really late she'll bang on the door to be released. :)

-Etta always wants to try it try it anytime you're eating anything. When she likes it she'll say mooor peas. If she doesn't she'll say yike it (like it) while she shaking her head no.

-Speaking of the l's that are y's, one of her favorite things is "yips." Which is chapstick.

I'm sure there's more but they'll have to wait seeing as this is already way too long. So until later these our some of our favorite recent things about Etta. We love you bug!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We love Volleyball!

So I've been loving taking tons of pictures of my little sweetheart since I got my camera. The challenge has been getting her to smile and to stay put. She loves to "see, see, see!" She turns around to see the picture the second she's gotten to the spot I've told her to stand.
On Yo Gabba Gabba there's a song where they "Hold stiiiiiillll..." so I've been saying this to her but unfortunately after that they..."wiggle wiggle wiggle go!" So the wiggling follows immediately after 2 seconds of holding still.

When you tell her to smile she automatically does this shoulder shrug head tilted cheeser face. This must be what I look like when I tell her to smile and say cheese or else I don't know where she got it. (Note Hugo's poor sad ears. She's literally loved him to pieces. He now has "hair.")

As a result candids are usually my best bet.

But sometimes I get a cute cheeser smile right at the camera.

So we've been loving Volleyball games. Not only because they're so fun, but because it means Robbie's in town and we get to see friends and family.

Margaret and Bob joined us for this match.

Along with my dad.

Everywhere we go Elizabeth sees Y's and has to point and scream "Y Y Y!" This is an inevitable result of everything Rob owns having a Y on it. So after every game she runs around on the gym floor and points out the Y's and has a ball running back and forth under the net with the other kids. She also has grown to love certainly wasn't always that way...

Baby and Daddy, always the cutest pair...I couldn't love them more.

So although I love volleyball it's not the kind of place the doctors encourage me to take Liam...understandable. As a result I've got plenty of tickets to every game, so if you want in...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing Our Little Liam...

So the night began in an ordinary fashion at the Lee's with all our neighborhood friends. We returned home around 10:30, did our bedtime routine, then turned on the Scarlet Pimpernel (a great movie by the way). I went downstairs to make popcorn and started feeling kind of strange. I thought perhaps I was having gas pains, lets be honest, that's what labor feels like. Pretty soon I was making frequent bathroom trips, another sign for I thought no way, I couldn't be?! I decided to get in the bath to see if the "contractions" would go away. They didn't.

At this point I thought I seriously am in labor so I better start timing. They were 2-3 minutes apart and about 30 seconds long. They tell you to go to the hospital at that point but I wasn't in any pain. Well, if any of you know my last labor story you know I waited a little too long and things moved rather quickly. Remembering this made me a little apprehensive of making the same mistake again and I decided we'd better go. I told Rob to call the Lee's and ask if they'd take the monitor and grab Etta in the morning. This was a huge favor to ask seeing as it was like 3 in the morning and Etta was sick. So Rob kept asking me are you sure...we really didn't want to put them through all the trouble just to be sent home. Well, I dunno? It feels like I am? We called and being the wonderful people they are they agreed.

So we got to the hospital at about 4AM. I was a 3.5/4cm and 80 % effaced so they wanted to monitor me. The second I laid in that bed the lessened. So the after evaluating me I decided to walk around for a while, after which point I was about 5cm. I really thought they'd send me home with how slowly things were going but the doctor said he didn't want me to return babe in arms so they'd keep me and just get things moving. They wanted to try breaking my water first before giving me pitocin. Boy, did it work. Things started moving along quite nicely and before you know it I was in full blown labor. I decided to ask for my epidural seeing as they take about 20 minutes to get there and last time I waited way too long. It seemed like that slowed things a little bit but that was just fine with me. After about an hour and a half they hadn't come back to check me and I was feeling loads of pressure. Just then the nurse came in and told me the baby was crowning and she'd get the doctor immediately! And well...a few pushes and a couple minutes later little William Keith joined us.

He wasn't crying much so I only got to hold him a minute before they whisked him off to the NICU for a CPAP to help his lungs along a bit. It ended up being nothing but a good precautionary measure (and a good few thousand bucks for the hospital) just the same. So that's it. I have to say this one was calm, "easy", and pretty awesome. My epidural was well timed so I was much more lucid and able to walk out of bed to change rooms. I recovered much quicker and have continued to feel pretty great considering I just had a baby!

Here's the calm before the storm!

Rob actually managed a decent nap during all the monitoring.

Here's our first glimpse at the little guy.

My first moment with him.

Finally getting him back after hours in the NICU and nursery.

Lots of fun visitors came...who I appreciated even more this time around. Rob couldn't be there as much so it helped me not go too crazy and get too lonely lying around in bed.

My sister and Kurt were lovin him.

My robe...I didn't even think about getting dressed with Etta, but a note to self...bring some actual clothes next time. I was feeling good and wanted to be in real clothes.

Baby and Daddy

I can always count on my mom to send the most beautiful flowers.

Our little family...minus sweet Etta who couldn't visit because she was sick.

A perfectly captured picture of exactly what he looks like.

After a nice teeny tiny but hot shower. :) Man, I'm certainly not as tan as I was with Etta...ah, February.

Grandma finally made it just before we were going to leave.

I'll post a little more soon of life since but for now you just get our wonderful and always too short hospital stay...I love the hospital if you didn't already know this about me.

A huge thank you to everyone who's helped us so far especially my mom and family, those bringing us meals, and the Lee's who sacrificed their health and sleep to help us those two days we were in the hospital. We are absolutely loving our new addition and couldn't be happier.