Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random ramblings

So, baby is 44 days away, and that sounds kind of far. BUT baby is 6 weeks away, and that sounds really soon! I'm getting so excited!! We have our second Lamaze class tonight and I'm so happy that Robbie can come. It's a little bitter sweet considering that his presence is at the cost of a national championship lost, but i'm glad just the same. Last week I attended my birthing class alone, and not only that but I had taken my wedding ring in for some work! I thought they might not let me in the class without a partner but I'm pretty sure they felt bad for me assuming I was a poor single mom without somebody so they let it slide! Either way it'll be nice to have my hubby there. If not for the moral support, for the back support! Lamaze breathing/positioning and such is not quite as comfortable sans partner. Anyway...yes, as mentioned, it's true. The fabulous BYU cougars of the volleyball kind are done with their season this year. They finished 2nd in the conference...stupid pepperdine. C'est la vie! I guess there's always next year. And we're hosting the Final four next year, did you know? Pretty sweet. Anyway, so I'm just kind of rambling with out much to say...but I should mention how grateful I am for my wonderful life! I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and I've never felt better (minus the occasional fire raging heart burn :), I have an amazing husband who is so loving and supportive (AND now around all the time to hang with me!), and well, I just lead a charmed life. I've been given every blessing I could think of and I'm so grateful. So thank you heavenly father, thank you life...for being so kind to us. Keep it comin! We're going to continue to need those blessings...because I'm pretty sure this whole giving birth REALLY gonna hurt.


Steve and Dayna Magleby said...

YAY!! I am so glad you found me. I love all your pics- I have so much to live up to when I get pregnant- you look adorable!! Only six weeks away you must be so excited! Does your husband play on the volleyball team? If so, that is awesome- we love watching those games.

Any way- lunch sounds GREAT. Let me give you my number and anytime you want to down some yummy food for you and that baby of yours give me a buzz: 801-623-8052.

Parkinson Family said...

thats funny about the class, good for you guys for taking it. You are so close, that IS exciting! Thanks for the thank you, you're so sweet. This month is so busy for us, but we are going to have to have you guys over before the baby the comes, maybe the first week in june like right before the baby? Anyways, we'll call you guys, so good to hear that you are loving you pregnancy experience, it only gets better once they are out!

Nando and Megan said...

Hey, Robmonster. Sorry for the ending of the season. But don't worry, it's just about to get better for two reasons:
1)you are going to have a cute little baby.
2)you are now allowed to add me to your blog favorites

Hope you and Sarah are doing well.
Good luck with everything.

Nando, Megan and Kate Pessoa

Russell, Julie & Sadie Holmes said...

i cant thank you guys enough for all the help on moving day... we literally couldn't have done it with out you! i cant wait to hear all about the new addition to your family & keep me posted on the house hunt as well... xo miss you :(

Karen Burton Zimbelman said...

Labor isn't as bad as you imagine it will be especially if you practice Lamaze with your hubby. Great coaches make all the difference. I had four with Lamaze - one weighing 9lbs 4 oz., the fifth I had an epidural - I was too sick and exhausted and my hubby had bronchitis. The epidural only worked on one side and I ended up using my Lamaze training anyway! It's not for everyone but if your interested and willing to practice it's awesome!

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Mark & Jody said...

hey girl!! where are you taking your class?? I should probably start researching where to go... we still have a lil while :-) how is the house hunting?? anyways we should get together before your whole life changes in 6 weeks!! i don't think mark and rob know eachother too well