Monday, July 21, 2008

President and Sister Neilson...ok not quite yet

So we went to our branch for the first time. It seems like it's going to be wonderful's tiny! The man who spoke was there for the first time, they asked him to speak when he called to transfer his records last week! So I'm expecting to speak immediately if not sooner and get some extensive calling. Note to self, don't answer your phone! In all seriousness I'm very excited. It will give us a great chance to serve and grow...and actually really get to know everyone! So on our first sunday they nabbed us to take a picture for the directory. So however sleep deprived we were...cheese!


Parkinson Family said...

cute..thats crazy that you guys are in a branch, but there are benefits to having a small ward, good luck

Mark and Jody said...

sarah your hair looks super dark in this picture!! maybe it's just the lighting. Anyways that is crazy... who would have thought, a branch in utah!!

nicole hill said...

welcome to the branch!