Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving, Good Living.

You know life's good when you're spending Thanksgiving at the beach. This year we decided to go down to San Diego and visit Rob's dad and sisters for the holiday luckily all his sisters decided to as well!
We had so much fun...let's see. We got to see the Rowleys (no picture, tear) in Vegas on our way out. Then Rob's Aunt and Uncle were kind enough to have us stay over in Corona to visit with them and Rob's Grandparents, Keith and Sally. It was so amazing to see them still trucking along, at 94, and loving every minute of it. Keith drove us, yep drove us to lunch, and I never once felt like I was going to die. That's impressive. :) We then went out to see Roy and Jenna. Two of the sweetest people we know. Rob lived with them his senior year of high school and they've been great family friends before that and since. We had a blast visiting other friends from Robbie's former life in the Palisades. After spending a couple days there we went through the oc to visit Russell, Julie and Sadie (sooo fun!) and Rob's good friends Josh and his wife heather. They were so sweet, cooked us a great meal and let us stay...we love those guys.
Russ and Julie

Roy and Jenna
Lastly we ended up at the final destination in SD...where katie cooked us a stellar thankgsiving, mindy and dan got everyone sick (we love you guys anyway :), Mya schooled me in the ways of modern technology, Owie woke us up every morning proclaiming at the top of his lungs, "Owie go peepee!" pretty much everyone had me laughing all weekend, and I became master to the extreme of all things Rock Band. Thanks Bob and family for showing us a good time.

The last day we were there the weather finally cleared up and we took baby to the beach for the very first time...

Mya and wasn't exactly the best swim day but they braved the cold. As did Hannah, Ben, and Nate when Hannah accidentally dropped him in the water. :)

Cutest Baby Ever.

Awww...that hat is huge.


Marin said...

Amen to knowing life is good when you spend ANY day at the beach!!! haa haa!!! I love San Diego! That is where all my cousins live, and that is where Justin and I got married and had our little honeymoon, and it is where we want to end up!!! SOOOO FUN!! Looks like you guys had a great THANKSGIVING!!! Keep posting!
P.S. She is so adorable. I remember when Carden's hat was SO BIG, and now it is SOOO TIGHT!

Parkinson Family said...

looks like you guys had a great time!

Tiffany said...

What a fun vacation! I love the huge hat on Etta! We need to get together more often. Also, if you could email me your address we have a Christmas card for you!