Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sound Off, One Two...

What are you thinking? So I usually don't go as far as to blog about TV shows but have to sound off here for one moment....Judges I thought I could trust you but you are no better than America. There are many people in this years top 13 that I'm on the fence about, I suppose I'm not catching the vision. Uh, Kris whatever your name is for starters, and I know so many people LOVE Danny Gokey, but come on...for me at this point he is so mediocre and o-ver-ra-ted! Didn't he win last year? Oh wait, that was David Cook, a slightly better version of the same thing. Not buying the hype.

Maybe he can change my mind...but moving on to someone who can't. Jasmine, judges...really? So she can sing, I get it. It's not that she has a bad voice but can we just talk about Ricky Braddy for a minute? He is unreal. Maybe he's not a star yet Simon, but he has one of the best voices I've heard on American Idol and would've loved to see him grow in to the star he has potential to be. He has a sick voice and can make any song sound good with his ridiculous vocals!?

Now you America...I'm sorry but Scott MacIntyre? With Scott, I think it's amazing how far he's come with his disability but let's be honest, can you really tell me that's not the main reason you voted for him? And Michael Sarver? Once again, not bad...but was he better than say...Ju'Not Joyner or Von Smith? There were so many people for whom I had high hopes that came out and like busters, totally blew it! Enter Stephen Fowler.

Basically the new format this year is confounding, and unfair. The three highest vote getters each week made the Top 12. The top guy, the top girl, then the person with the next highest vote count, guy or girl. This disallows us to watch the development of each contestant, and doesn't really let us get to know who they are as ‘artists’ until the Top 12! (which of course axes someone every week anyway). Well, that's my little rant. I'm just glad Matt and Megan made it late in the game or I may have never watched again. Ricky, whatever you end up doing...I'm rootin for ya.


Megan Miley and Chris said...

I'm totally rooting for Megan Corkrey with her weird twist dance and all. She has been my favorite for the start. I totally agree with the blind guy, he has a good voice but not good enough. I am just ecstatic that Megan made it through in the wild card. She bugs my sister with her dancing but I just love her voice and her face and her happy personality. So far she seems like a good role model.

Ange said...

I'm totally agreeing with you and not picking Ricky Braddy, his voice is amazing!!!