Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We love Volleyball!

So I've been loving taking tons of pictures of my little sweetheart since I got my camera. The challenge has been getting her to smile and to stay put. She loves to "see, see, see!" She turns around to see the picture the second she's gotten to the spot I've told her to stand.
On Yo Gabba Gabba there's a song where they "Hold stiiiiiillll..." so I've been saying this to her but unfortunately after that they..."wiggle wiggle wiggle go!" So the wiggling follows immediately after 2 seconds of holding still.

When you tell her to smile she automatically does this shoulder shrug head tilted cheeser face. This must be what I look like when I tell her to smile and say cheese or else I don't know where she got it. (Note Hugo's poor sad ears. She's literally loved him to pieces. He now has "hair.")

As a result candids are usually my best bet.

But sometimes I get a cute cheeser smile right at the camera.

So we've been loving Volleyball games. Not only because they're so fun, but because it means Robbie's in town and we get to see friends and family.

Margaret and Bob joined us for this match.

Along with my dad.

Everywhere we go Elizabeth sees Y's and has to point and scream "Y Y Y!" This is an inevitable result of everything Rob owns having a Y on it. So after every game she runs around on the gym floor and points out the Y's and has a ball running back and forth under the net with the other kids. She also has grown to love certainly wasn't always that way...

Baby and Daddy, always the cutest pair...I couldn't love them more.

So although I love volleyball it's not the kind of place the doctors encourage me to take Liam...understandable. As a result I've got plenty of tickets to every game, so if you want in...


Parkinson Family said...

cute pics! and it sounds like you're still liking you gabab gabba huh? lol!

hailey said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! I don't think I've congratulated you yet on little Liam! Hope everything is going well for you guys!

Aubrey said...

Hahaha Hugo!!! :) Oh my, I can't believe how much Etta loves that little guy. She is such a sweetie pie. And Liam is about the cutest thing ever. So glad I saw you today. We will be better about visiting.