Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Funny Valentine

So presidents weekend was really fun for us. It started off with a cute little Valentine's party Lindsey threw for the kids. They made cards for their dads and grubbed on some cupcakes.

She left with one of her favorite things...a sucker! Thanks Linds!

Then our good friends Josh and Heather came to stay with us and ski for the weekend. So they all went skiing with Robbie and Etta and I had fun playing with Cooper. She did not like leaving him in his cage. She thought instead we ought to read to him...

And feed him.

Daddy's Girl.

These days Etta loves to make "faces."

All ready for church on Valentines' morning with mommy's flowers and her hair in pig tails for the very first time. :)

Etta loves to color.

Oh, hi Cooper!

Hi Etta!

Cooper, NO! Not nice Cooper...

Let's just keep our distance, ok?

My sweet little valentine on our way up to park city for the day.

Natural musician.

Etta loves chairs just her size.

And she loves her rina and wants to where it everywhere.
(so we let her)

The whole gang.

Etta also loves to help cook these days. I can't so much as make a piece of toast without her pulling a chair up to the counter to help.

Following in mama's footsteps...

Sara had to be her favorite for the weekend.

On Monday we went up to Nana's house for a dinner.
Etta was pretty tired "goin on no sleep, NO sleep!"
So she was a bit of a sour puss but we still love her...she's so cute, how could you not?

She is obsessed with Sara's boyfriend Shawn and yet she's terrified. She always asks about him, says his name, finds him in pictures, and always want to know where he is. But if he gets anywhere near her she freaks out.

Cousins! It was so fun to have them all here. Etta loves her cousins. So cute!

Anyway, it was an awesome weekend...thanks to everyone who made it so fun!

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Dayna said...

i'm obsessed with etta's outfits. she is one beauty that girl. it was fun running into you at gloria's little italy (if only for a brief second hello from afar:). you are beautiful!!