Monday, July 12, 2010


Laid in bed while Etta watched Cinderella for the 100th glorious time and poked me in the eyes.

Ate Oreos for breakfast...yeah, you heard me.

Traded Rob places at church so as not to infect everyone with our diseased child.

Came home to a wonderfully clean and quiet house...husbands are the best.

World cup...woot.

Made a new station on Pandora. How rad is Pandora?

Salsa and reheated au gratin for lunch.

Seriously thought about doing laundry.

Played some soccer. I outta fly down there and teach those guys how it's done.

Speaking of flying, gave the kids some wicked airplane rides.

Actually did some laundry.

Vacuumed over the same spot 20 times instead of bending over to pick up that darned kernel.

Soaked up the sweet moments with my family before goodbyes and goodnights.

Made a To Do list including aforementioned laundry which I then proceeded to cross off. It makes the list seem more approachable if somethings already done doesn't it?

Dinner: Popcorn and I may have had a few more Oreos. Jealous?

Read about crazy LSI sales people who by popular opinion should apparently burn. Harsh. I don't know about you but I thought those movies were pretty boss when I was eight...ok 18.

Watched Next Food Network Star which I convince myself I'd win...I'm the best at everything from my safe little couch at home.


Aubrey said...

Oh Sarah, I love your life. You're the best mom. And next time you decide to have popcorn and Oreos for dinner, invite me over!

Lauren Clyde said...

Word Aubrey!

I love lazy sundays...

Husbands are the best...

And Pandora is essential.

Andrea Lee said...

Oh I miss you Sarah! I took the garbage out at 8:30 tonight. The kids were already in bed and it was still light out. I thought to myself, "We would probably still be playing outside if we were there, and my kids are in bed already!" well its good for the kids to go to bed, but not so much for my summer nights.
We still need to do Skype!