Wednesday, October 27, 2010

California Part 1

So in June we made a pilgrimage to California for a couple weeks. We started in good ole Corona to celebrate Keith and Sally's (rob's grandparents) 70th....yes 70th wedding anniversary that Nancy and David did a wonderful job hosting.

It was so fun to see so much family.

The kids put on a wonderful performance full of songs and memories.

4 generations of Neilson men.

Etta was loving tazzie.

They have such a special spirit and love about them. We learn so much from watching their example.

Lots of fun with cousins.

And our wonderful friends who let us stay in this paradise they call their home. Our trips to cali are only made possible by all the friends and family who let us invade their homes.

Little bird passed out in the car on the way to Carmel. (Pre-vomiting.)

Next to favorite place ever, Carmel. (and pebble beach!)

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