Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tin Foil Dinners!!

I love camping and I LOVE tine foil dinners. Over the years we've perfected (at least in our minds) the tin foil dinner. It's just the standard ground beef, carrots, onion, and potato but taken to another level. Mmmmm...
So we headed up to our spot in the upper bridal veil falls right by the river with my fam.
Look at my cute sister.
And my cute BIL.
The kids had SO much fun running around getting dirty and if you know Etta you know there's nothing she loves more than picking flowers. Everywhere we go (church, grocery stores, neighbors) she wants to pic the flowers and I won't let her. So when I told her she could pick as many as she wanted she was in heaven.

And this all boy, boy of course didn't want to pick flowers...he just wanted to throw around the pigskin.

Every one sat around enjoying themselves...
while I slaved over the fire...;)
Which made my feet look like this. Who wears flip flops? I actually love it though. Usually I don't get to let the pyro in me come out because Rob takes over fire duty, but he met up with us later so someone had to get things movin!
All of the bubbling sizzling gloriousness.
Rob testing the delectations.
Awww...while Rob was gone for three weeks this picture brought Liam to tears from missing his dad so much and remembering the good times! I really think he thought Rob was never coming back! :(
Preggos preggos.
Kurt so strong man.

We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again again. There's nothing better in my book than being outside, with no distractions, good food, and family.

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cassidy Merrill said...

So fun!! Let's do tin foil dinners soon!! Before
It starts to snow!