Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm goin back baby! I'm hoping to post one new, one old, one new etc...till I catch up!

So I didn't quite post everything about our Halloween last year!

Etta's preschool put on a really spooky performance where they danced, sang songs, and recited rhymes.
I actually have GREAT video documenting it but it won't load as of now. C'est la vie.

Then our ward put on a fun Halloween party where we (the primary) were in charge! 
So we created a cool witches lair (that pictures really do no justice for) with gross things on display, fun games and prizes, and lots of spooky decor.

Of coarse you can't have a witches lair with no witches!
(My sweet primary presidency!)

Then one of our neighborhood friends little boys costume hadn't come yet so he dressed up as Coach Neilson! Classic...

Our friends also had a party where I dressed up like my her dress from her wedding rehersal dinner!
And Rob, along with some other ill prepared men in the neighborhood, ;) dressed up as the backstreet boys...namely, Kevin. Make-up courtesy of yours truly.

Halloween 2012 coming soon!

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Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh, Rob! Nice costume! You know how I love BSB. Very cool party too.