Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blogging Again

This morning I woke up in the best mood. I went to bed late cause I was up talking to Mr. Neilson about all the football drama I heard roaring from my window. He gave me the play by play of each dramatic advance, I love when he talks sports. It's pretty cute. I love that we can hear the stadium from our window. The campus bells. The bird that squawks outside our bedroom window every morning at 6 am. Yes, 6 am. Squawking. My hubby valiantly got out of bed this morning to investigate and sick the dog on it when he found to his surprise that our friend was not in fact a bird, but a squirrel and one who's squawking will not be deterred by dogs or tennis balls. He continued to squawk so I thought I'd get out of bed and make a glorious breakfast for our kiddos that were ever so perfectly sleeping in. Once I got up I realized they were in fact all awake quietly watching Mary Poppins in the Grotto (our sunken family room). I ran in to tickle them and they all responded with the appropriate squeals of delight I was going for. Quickly they all dog piled me and whit followed closely after growling at us from the stairs. Charlotte ran in to the kitchen, "Are these brownies or steaks?!" Etta ran through screaming, "Can we have waffles?!? Do we have butter? And syyyyruuuup?" (sung, of course, as syrup should be) Liam was doing karate kicks exclaiming happily he wasn't coughing anymore as he hacked up a lung and Squeaky was squeaking like usual waiting for someone to feed him, again. These kids are truly the best and my best friends. I love all their funny little ideas about life and I love cloudy Sunday mornings. Now let's see if I can wake up Mr. Neilson to shower all these stinky nuggets for church so I can put my face on.