Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Hospital Visits

Mindy and fam. The kids could not wait to get their hands on her! It's pretty cute to see such little ones holding her.

My brother James with a daddy's touch.

Margaret and Bob with our brand new little one!

Also showing her love, the self-promclaimed favorite aunt Jacqueline...we'll see what Julia has to say about that. :)

We love you guys! Thanks for coming to welcome her into the world!


megan said...

Okay do you are moving! Will you email me your new address so I can bring you a gift for the girlie? My email Hope your move goes smoothly. Tuscan villas are beautiful. A family friend lives over there they are way cute!!!! Congratulations on all the great things in your life.

Courtney and Sam said...

I hope your move went well-- we moved the day after we came home from the hospital, so I feel your pain! We are living in Provo right now, in the post-graduation limbo.
I hope you are getting some sleep! Your baby is beautiful.

Tab & Nate said...

Don't forget to call and update me on things!!

Kendrick and Hailey said...

Congratulations!! Your baby is so beautiful and you look great! I'm so glad everything went well and you get to move into such a nice new place. You need to send me your email so i can invite you to our blog. ( We need to get together soon!

Jenn said...

How are you liking your new place? Too bad you guys aren't my SS teachers anymore! Your guys' little girl is so adorable!

Lexi Brown Patterson said...

Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl Rob and Sarah!

Take care,
Casey and Lexi