Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold Weather Frolicking

So all summer we had so much fun playing outside with our neighbors. It's pretty much what we did every day. Now that it's getting cold we're going to have to find some other things to do. I'm starting a list of Cold weather activity ideas. If you've got any great ones let me know. So far we're still trying to enjoy the outdoors till it's really unbearable. So we just get bundled up and cruise the neighborhood as usual!
Etta has a slight obsession with "unkins."
The famous tight lipped Etta smile.

What a cutie, how could you just not melt at the site of that?!


Mark and Jody said...

ok I went to the provo library today. they have story time for toddlers age 13months to 24 months every friday morning. there are tons of kiddos and they sing and have puppet shows too. we should check it out! nora just loved watching all the other kids and not being home alone :-) how was jump on it? i'm just still too sick to do something like that.

Dayna said...

she is such a cute thing. it was so fun meeting her in person. and i love her cute smile in that last picture.

julie said...

love her!

Parkinson Family said...

how cute is she!