Friday, May 14, 2010


We had and interesting couple weeks in April. First Etta was sick, then Liam, then Rob, and then Etta again. Easter Sunday was Rob's turns. He woke up feeling awful so we had to do Easter baskets and hunts without him. I thought I hid her basket really well but she found it immediately, little stinker. Etta loved her Easter basket and headed straight for the candy then to the crayons.

My sweet little flower girl in the new dress Grandma got her for Easter.

Etta bug and Mylie moo.

All the kiddies getting ready for our neighborhood hunt.

Etta had a hard time grasping the concept. Everytime I tried to get her to put an egg in her basket she started crying and asking me to open it.

She got better as the hunt went on. It snowed so we had to put some winter boots on!

How most our pictures end up these days.

We were trying to get the kids in a cute grouping all morning without success then when we weren't looking the kids sat on this step all by themselves to eat their candy, perfectly prime for a picture.

Abby and Hannah in their Easter fancies.

Oh, Nate...what a cutie you are.

The Dellenbachs after nana's great hunt.

Me and my sweetheart.

We had such a fun easter, we're only sad daddy couldn't be there to share it with us. It was such a wonderful weekend spent listening to our wise and loving church leaders and enjoying our family. Happy Easter!

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tjsanford said...

Holy Crap! She is so so SO stinkin cute!!!