Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Months

Liam is just over two months now.

He is really really smiley and loves to be held. He's stopped pooping 10 times a day and is almost over his goobery eye. (Big milestones, I know).

He's sleeping pretty well, waking once a night to eat and we're going to start sleep training with him now that he's two months.

He loves being mauled by his loving sister.

He must be warm at all times and loves the bath.

As far as being swaddled in the miracle blanket, he hates it....but he loves it.

Here's what the doctor had to say:

Weight: 11 lb 12 oz
Height: 23 in
Head: 16 in
Pretty much 50th percentile on all accounts.

This is how I found him the other day. Oh, Etta.

She loves to play on the jungle mat with him and by play I mean sit on him!

You might be wondering what this is a picture's his mad skills. Rob was trying to throw this fruit snack like 20 ft across the room into my mouth aaaaannnddd...

Liam caught it!
You think I'm making it up? That's why we took this picture...Red Sox 2030 here we come.

We love you Liam.


Laura said...

He's absolutely ADORABLE!!! Thanks for the update - we miss you guys!!

Kurt and Jacqueline said...

Liam is so cute and getting so big. I bet he passes up Mason in weight within a couple of months. My poor skinny baby : )

Taylor said...

sooooo cute!!!!! you guys have the most beautiful family!!!