Monday, June 7, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Rob got Etta this little outriggers shirt in Hawaii and she loves it. Or maybe we just love it. Either way it is super cute.

Now, Etta is a very cautious little girl so I would've thought skateboarding and scooter rides would scare her to death but we've come to find out that she has some adventure in her after all. She is a little speed demon!

The whole time you could hear her around the block...weeeeeeeee, fast, fast, weeeeeeeee! Again, again!

What it comes down to is that anything with Dad is her favorite no matter how terrifying...she's a daddy's girl!
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Tyler + Lauren Clyde said...

She really is SO darling Sarah. Dads are the best & most favorite thing in our house too ;oD He's definately my favorite!

We should get together for a play date or just hang out & let the kids play outside.

Aubrey said...

What a cute pair skateboarding together! I can just hear her squealing in excitement. We miss you. Come back from your vacation...

Dayna said...

Could she be any cuter???? I loved reading your latest posts. The "Doing As I'm Doing" was especially fun to read. Etta is so stinkin' funny!! What a great helper. So cute. And you are so beautiful!!! I am envious of your gorgeous thick long locks.. I am so sick of my hair lately. I lost so much after having Jayne. Did you even lose any?

We should do lunch again soon. I wish it wasn't so long since the last time we got together!