Tuesday, November 9, 2010

California Part 3

Next we went down to LA for Rob's recruiting and to visit Sara and Shawn. They are always such a blast and so sweet. They arranged a babysitter for us and took us to The Greek for an Imogen Heap concert which was surprisingly pretty awesome. I like her music and everything but she's a hilarious person who puts on a great concert. It was so thoughtful and much needed. Thanks guys!

We were also in LA for birdie's actual birthday so we had to do a little celebrating. Shawn in true fashion couldn't just sing happy birthday so we got all sorts of percussions and such to give a memorable birthday singing to. Singing, cupcake, that was probably enough for her but we had to go to.....

Not sure how this picture happened considering we gave our camera to the professional photographer there to take it but whatever, you get the idea.

I couldn't get her off this tiny doorknob although she was eternally bothered it didn't open.
"It's stuck mommy, open it!"
So first of all this was probably the most busy I've ever seen Disneyland in my life and it was scorching hot...not the best day ever. Two year olds don't really understand waiting in line for 30-60min. However, we still had tons of fun thanks to daddy. He held, fed, and watch over liam while Etta and I road all the rides. He was one expensive babysitter but I think it was worth it. ;)

First we went on Alice in Wonderland which is completely psycho and terrified Elizabeth. It was hard to get her to go on another ride after that. We decided to drag her kicking and screaming on to small world knowing she'd love it. People probably thought we were nuts. And as we pulled in to the dark tunnel she lost it...but as soon as we came around the corner and she saw all the singing people she was transported to another world and she was in heaven!

Then we went over to the princess land they have now. A special place where they can meet all the princess and have a little moment with them. So we waited...and no I didn't pose her this way.

Then she got to meet Jasmine! Which was hilarious because she's never even seen Aladdin and she sooo excited.

Then we saw Ariel who she couldn't focus on becuase..."look mommy, Belle!!!"

She was really shy with Belle but the look on her face says it all.

We were bummed that there were only those three because she loves Cinderella but just after we finished they had a show with Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty and they came out for greeting afterward. This truly blew her mind...she looovvess Cinderella and still talks about this moment.

She's was pretty wiped but we still had more rides to do!

So we went on the merry-go-round...shorter lines, and one of her favorite things.

And dumbo...at least we know I had fun right? Hahaha...classic.

The boys with the girls. These two make for pretty good seats to see over all the crowds!

We hit up a few more rides, toon town, the train, and the big parade before...

She was done, so we got a funnel cake and parked it outside the gates to chat with our great friends we don't see nearly enough.
Les Homlesses

We couldn't make it home without stopping in Vegas to see some more of our favorite people...the rowl-outs. We met Giuseppe for a little pancake house and tried to ready to kids for one last drive...

All in all we had so much fun. It was our second trip with both kids and we definitely have some kinks to work out. It's getting more and more difficult to just show up on someones doorstep and crash...for us and them. ;) But I'm glad we went and you better believe we'll do it again because no matter how crazy it is that's just what you do.
P.S.-I've loaded smaller pictures due to the sheer volume but you can always click on them to see them bigger.

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Aubrey said...

One of my favorite parts: It's stuck mommy! I can totally see her trying her hardest to get in that little house. Etta is so cute and she sure does love her princesses. We really need to go to Disneyland with you guys next time.