Monday, January 24, 2011

November Baby

I know. You're probably thinking didn't we already do Halloween? However this was at our totally fabulous Fall Carnival Relief Society activity. We had all sorts of fun booths. A "Wax Museum" to learn candle making, a Candy Bar where you could make gifts for friends and other sisters (this also tied in with our lesson about friendship and not judging others) , a Pie Contest where you could enter a pie and learn how to make the perfect crust, a Fishing Board where you could fish for a treat and info about another sister, donuts on a string, and a "Masquerade" where you could paint faces. Now would you believe I was the only one who painted my face. A bunch of stuffed shirts I say. ;) It was really fun and a success despite the lack of face painting.

This however was not as fun. How do you discipline this girl without laughing hysterically? She got up to the counter, into my purse, into my make-up bag. She took it down to my carpet and started to do her make-up. My $20 mascara was all over her, as you see, and my floors.
*giggle, giggle sigh*

I'm not sure what's cuter...when she wears my shoes or her dads...

Me oh my how I love this boy.

Etta doesn't like taking naps. Etta really doesn't care for her black out blinds. Etta loves to read. So she found somewhere to relax where she could see her books. Then she fell asleep. This became quite a habit for a while.

That is one fine piece of lasagna I'll tell you what.


Playing with some of the last fall leaves of the season.

Goodbye fall, hello winter.

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julie said...

you're gorgeous.
is she kidding me with that 'pose'??? adorable.
CA trip this summer??? xo