Monday, February 28, 2011


There may not be two things I love more than Christmas and my family. To get them all together in mass quantities this year just made my little heart burst! I love, love, love Christmas! This year was no exception. We went up to my parents to stay the night on Christmas eve. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, small Christmas program and stories, and Christmas PJ's.

Man do I ever love this baby girl.

Bug getting her Christmas jamas.

She was so excited!

This girl loves Ariel!

Grammy Grams.


The Fam

Liam riding our oh so sweet and patient dog Bear, Christmas sweater and all. Poor thing.

Christmas singing although I was completely without voice! :( I look forward to performing and singing carols on Christmas eve for months! I was bummed but it was still fun.

Christmas morning!

Coach opening the calendar we made him.

Bug getting very excited about all her princess paraphernalia.


Margaret and Bob came for breakfast that morning. I love Etta lovingly strangling Liam and his face in reaction.

It was a super fun holiday with family, friends, music, and presents!
I love Christmas and all it stands for. I love being reminded of Christ and the reason we're all here on earth. I love being with my family at such a special time. It's just so magical and special and I can't wait till it comes again!

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