Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Good News

Many LDS members have heard recently about DNA evidence proving that the ancestors of Native Americans are of Asian decent, thus disproving the claims of the Book of Mormon that the Nephites (Jews) are the principle ancestors of the Indians. While the data exists and is compelling, I recently came across additional research that once again bears testimony of the Book of Mormon. An LDS researcher named Rod Meldrum has put together a powerful 4 hour presentation that helps to answer these DNA questions and sheds light on Book of Mormon geography. His theories are powerful, sensible and intriguing. Additionally, they fall in line not only with clues given in the Book of Mormon itself, but with the teachings and actions of the Prophet Joseph regarding this subject. The link below is the website where I bought the DVD. I would strongly recommend it to all Latter-Day Saints who are seeking varying perspectives on the subject and would like to inform themselves in order to participate intelligibly in this debate. In other words, its worth the $20. Give ol' Rod your support!!

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Sarah said...

Seriously a worthwhile purchase. Although Rod Meldrum is a typical nerdy scientist and hard to watch in the beginning, it shows his sincere excitement for the material. You'll find yourself thinking how we were ever without this knowledge and ever thought it was any other way. Muy interesante.