Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy 2 months little lark!

It has been so fun to watch my Elizabeth grow up and all though it's only been two months she has changed so much!
She loves to stick out her tongue.
She holds her head up flawlessly.
She loves to hear singing,
no matter how talented (or not) the performer.
She smiles when prompted by us instead of gas.
She loves to laugh at you,
actually it's more of a squeal, when you make faces.
She licks anything that comes close to her mouth
and thinks she's hilarious.
She pants like a puppy when excited.
She makes her "strong man" face when trying to poop.
She always seems to be sucking on,
not just her finger, her whole fist.
She belches louder than anyone I know.
She still gets really bothered when you try to tickle her.
She loves her baby bjorn...hates her sling.
She hates nothing more than her aspirator.
She loves her family, and we love you baby! Keep up the cuteness!

By the way...Dr. Freestone and I are happy to report Elizabeth happy and healthy. Her newest stats are as follows:

Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz - 42 percentile

Height: 22 in - 36 percentile

Head: 15.5 in - 62 percentile

He said she'd be a petite skinny thing with a big baseball cap. Thanks doc...or rather, thanks to dad. Love you babe!


Karen Z said...

She's so cute! It is amazing how fast they change and how much they know what they like and don't like - even at such an early age.

HJH said...

Hey Rob,
I found your blog through Chris's blog. Your baby is so beautiful! I heard all about her last week at lunch with your Grandma! Congrats!


Lauren said...

she is too cute and i can't believe how big she is getting. you guys are going to have so much fun with her. it was so good to spend some time with you guys and we will for sure have to do it more when we get back in may. sounds really far away, but lets plan on it. =)

Parkinson Family said...

she is changing so much and getting big from the last time we saw her
so cute!