Sunday, February 22, 2009

Foreign Lands

So more than a few people have asked me about some of my slide show pics, so I thought I would answer some of the questions.

Rob served his mission in Croatia. I was fortunate enough to meet some of the wonderful people he met while there.

Seeing as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth we went there on our honeymoon.

The site of most of my gorgeous pictures is Plitvice, and yes I took the pictures.

I have been heavily involved in Operation Smile since 2003.

Along with tons of fundraisers I also had the amazing opportunity to go on 2 major trips one of which was to Bolpur, India.

I was also invited to go to Davao City in The Philippines.

Lastly, we just went to Cabo on a fun family Vaca via Margaret...which was a blast.

As you can see I absolutely love to travel and hope to continue to...stay tuned, more detailed post on India/Philippines to follow.


Esther Noelle said...

That's neat Rob served in Croatia - my Rob's sister, Liz Parsons, served in Croatia too! She got back Jan '03... looks like you've been to some amazing places!

rachael and matt said...

I am so jealous!! I've wanted to go to Croatia for a long time! You make me feel guilty about my travels--they were pure pleasure unlike yours!

Anonymous said...

hi sarah! i'm not even sure if you remember me...i am in the branch and i found your blog on aubrey's. i hope you don't mind!!

i love this post. you have been to some great places. and operation smile is such an amazing organization. i really think we have a lot in common. feel free to stop by my blog anytime!!

Aubrey said...

You really have some awesome pics! I love to travel, but haven't been to Croatia. My grandfather's family was from there (he was the first one born here) and I hear it's absolutely GORGEOUS! I think operation smile is awesome. You are too cool. :)

Parkinson Family said...

great pictures!