Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Monkey...babies got skills.

Baby clapping congratulations to her newly acquired skill. Yay baby!

It was seriously cute. I've been trying to get her to clap for a while now, then suddenly while we were at the volleyball game something clicked and she figured it out! No there is no stopping her, she does it all day long. Monkey see, monkey do I suppose. Now if we can only work on her focus...her feet seem to be a distraction in almost all situations. :)


The Lyons Family said...

She is adorable!! So stinkin' cute. It's so fun when they start to do new things!!

Marin said...

Ahhhh I just want to grab her!!! SHe is soooooooooooo CUTE!!! I love how she is totally clapping! Carden has finally began to clap! I tried to do it more often so he would see me do it and now he finally does it when we eats a bite of food. Wish we could be a the MEN's VOLLEY BALL games, then I think Carden would have picked it up sooner!!! Sooo fun!!

p.s. I love those little jeans on her!

brittnie said...

That is so cute! You'll have to show this to Rusty and Skyler-they will just die! haha!