Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rough life.

Last Saturday one of Rob's players parents were in town from Chicago. We've had the pleasure of spending time with them before and were delighted when they invited us to have lunch with them. It was a special treat seeing as it was at Foundry Grill, one of my favorite places.
To my surprise baby LOVED tomatoes. She finished all the extra tomato that wouldn't fit on my burger. She was so cute just smiling at everyone as usual and pounding on the table excitedly.
We had to park soooo far away, lucky it was such a gorgeous day outside.

This picture melts my heart.

A long sleep after a long day. Thanks Lavajes!


Laura said...

She is so adorable! I want to kiss those sweet, squishy cheeks of hers!!!

Aubrey said...

Cute, cute! My kids really aren't very picky but they won't eat tomatoes very well!

Lauren said...

Sundance is my all time favorite place!! Yay for good times at Foundry Grill. Baby is adorable and I can't get over the picture of she and Rob smiling... priceless.


Parkinson Family said...


Aubrey Shaner said...

Elizabeth, you are the cutest baby ever! We love you!!