Monday, June 1, 2009

April brought us a fun trip to Palo Alto, my home town. I followed Rob and the BYU men's volleyball team to battle it out with the stanford...trees? Anyway, it was a very fun quick weekend get away! We started things off by visiting our new cousin from Korea, Ethan. My aunt has now adopted her second child from Korea and he's adorable, I wish I had a picture! They took us to a local park and Elizabeth of coarse had fun sticking things in her mouth and watching other kids.
That night we went to see the volleyball game. My brother, who lives in Gilroy came up with his kids who are adorable. This is Etta's second cousin Ethan. Meaning second first cousin named Ethan. Although, scratch that...the first Ethan is my cousin. So the first Ethan is her second cousin with this second Ethan being her only first cousin named Ethan. Check. Let's move on.

Brace yourselves for the cuteness. Haha!

The next day we drove out to Gilroy and went to a theme park geared towards kids called Gilroy gardens. Follow the leader!

My cute niece Mikaela lovin it on the Merry-go-round.

Elizabeth was lovin it too! Twinkling lights, sparkly everything, animals, bright colors, mirrors, no wonder kids love these things.

She was also lovin her first official theme park ride alone! Well, at least for the first 10 times it went around! I can't believe they make these rides so long for tiny kids! The first few times around she was loving it. Then slowly but surely her and every other baby started to get an unsure expression on their faces that quickly turned to sickness and then anger. :) I think she still enjoyed it on a whole though.

So cute little Aaron and Mikaela!

Here's the whole fam! Aaron, Ethan, Andrew, Angela, Alyse, and Mikaela!

Elizabeth was so tired on the way home I didn't want to wake her so I decided to take a trip down memory lane and track down my old houses. This is the first house we lived in after we moved from newark when I was just a babe. So this is the first house I remember. Our best friends across the street, this is where I had so many memories of birthdays and learning how to ride my bike as I ran into parked cars.
This is the next house we lived in. It is so beautiful I wish I had pictures of the inside! I had many a fun time sneaking around the forest that was our backyard and our neighbors playing by myself having the time of my life! Love this house!!

This is my first school from the old house, Palo Verde.

This is the park we grew up playing at. All my days of chasing butterflies instead of soccer balls with the blue bombers and searching to find four leaf clovers out at ramos park.

Here's my tuckered little girl that slept the hour back from Gilroy, the two hour tour, and was still down for the count when I brought her in from the car. She was so wasted!

But so cute!

Supporting her team!

We had so much fun seeing my cousins, babies cousins, and the beautiful scenery that was my childhood! Thanks BYU!

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