Saturday, June 6, 2009


As you all know we are heavily involved with Volleyball around the Neilson house. So of course we were very excited to have the NCAA Men's National Championships here in Provo. On the other hand we were not so excited that BYU wasn't in it. We still went and it was actually kind of weird. We definitely saw some good volleyball which is always fun,but it's not very entertaining when you could care less who wins! I kept telling Rob, "just choose for me, who should I root for?" Anyway, we got to get out, see talented athletes, old friends, and get some free snacks. So all in all I'd say it was a success. Hopefully next time it's here we're the front runners. By the way, let me just mention I'm very proud of my husband and all the BYU volleyball players for how far they came and improved. I'm so excited for how awesome they're going to be this next year!


min-D said...

Oh Wow! This picture of Etta reminds me of Rob when he was little.

Kara and Mike Barber said...

Hey Sarah! Of course I remember you, your comment on my blog was so sweet, I am so ready to have the baby and just feel huge, so you made me feel good! Your little Etta is so cute and you look great! I hope you guys are doing well!

Josh, Cami, Brody and Brooklyn said...

what a beautiful family you have yourself! did you ever think that me taking you to that volleyball game way back when would make you talk to Rob and it would turn into your life now....crazy! I wish I could meet your little girl. Brookie and her would get along great!