Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Model Child.

Okay Etta give me...coy, a little shy.

Good. Know let me see something more organic, very earthy, sort of found.

Yes. Yes. I love it. Now I need some happy. Gimme happy, something a spring chicken. Go.

Eyebrows, I need more eyebrows. I'm missing that tension in your face. Smile with your eyes.

Good good. Perfect.

Yes. Very easy going, girl next door I like it.

Ok ok, showing your goofy side...a little spacey. Show another side now, really dig deep.

Thought provoking, but let's go even deeper.
Ok, so you're not that deep yet. Let's just finish it off with something flirty and girly.

Beautiful. You have a certain "je ne sais quoi." Its been a pleasure working with you.


hailey said...

Oh Sarah. She is such a sweetie. We need to get out little kiddos (and us) together at least one more time before we move.

Lauren said...

that's hilarious!! loved it and yes we for sure need to hang out. we do have a phone.. we have one phone for the two of us ;) here's our number 801-319-1067. let's play for sure.

Alex Dan said...

Sarah, you are hilarious! I loved the photo shoot. Work it baby!
- oh, btw, all these ones that say they're from Alex are from Stacey:)