Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What a girl wants, what a girl needs.

Rob: "Hey this weekend the guys are gonna do a team hike and we thought it be fun to do tin foil dinners afterwards."

Me: "So are you telling me I'm making 40 tin foil dinners?"

Rob: "Yeah, pretty much."
And we did and it was a success. Although my kitchen and chopping hand will never be the same we had a good time with some bomb tin foil dinners which to my husbands credit he did help me a lot with. I did however decide I'm never making them again without one of these:
Which I actually have but I'm missing the blades!? Who knows how these things happen. Definite note to self that this is a necessity!
Anyway, so it was an awesome day for a hike and a great night for a bonfire.

What 35 tin foil dinners look like in our frig...

Thanks for the good time BYU MVB.


Aubrey said...

You are a VERY supportive wife. I remember popping by when you were in the middle of the tin foil dinner mess and I was very impressed that you two were going to pull it off!

Tabby said...

Hey sarah!! You are a trooper to do that for your hubby but then again he is a pretty awesome guy! I was looking at some of your pictures and I really started to miss you. I always loved our conversations. I always feel like we could talk about everything and anything. I hope all is going well and hopefully I will see you soon.