Thursday, January 14, 2010

Babies and Volleyball

As many of you know Volleyball season has started. Which means my husband is at work until seven o'clock everyday and is gone or working every weekend. He also coaches a club team so on Tuesdays and Thursday he's not home until 10:30. Hmmm...yikes! Another bummer is that normally I would go on at least one trip with the team but seeing how pregnant I am I don't think they'll let me! So I can't complain too much though because really it's only for a few months and the rest of the year is so flexible and fun. However it is particularly complicated this year because, hello...we're having a baby in like 6 weeks! 

So last time I was at the doctor I asked his advice on my delivery. I'm due on March 5th and with Elizabeth I was five days late. Rob goes out of town on the 10th. Do you see the dilemma? So the doctor suggested that with my routine pregnancies and labor coupled with this being my second child that they'd have no problems inducing me up to a week early. Honestly I'm a lot more keen on letting the baby naturally run it's coarse and come on it's own but having Rob there trumps those feelings. So I think we will actually be having this baby on March 1st! Considering I was thinking I would have him almost a week late this seems so much sooner! 

Anyway so we're getting pretty excited and I really have to get moving to have everything ready for this baby! So anyone who wants to go to Volleyball games let me know, the time is here and I won't even be able to go to half of them! And get ready to come help me with my craziness because this baby is coming ready or not and my husband is going to be MIA! Lots of love to all of our family and friends and I promise I'll be back blogging soon.


Aubrey said...

I am SO excited you're getting induced on March day before Kennedy's birthday! I don't know how I would ever have a baby without my hubby by my side. We can't wait to meet little Liam.

Parkinson Family said...

are you seriously that close...thats crazy!! how exciting!! we're so happy for you guys! it will be so fun!! is you ever need any help totally let me know! adding another kid to the bunch doesnt sound too bad :) cya!

Tab & Nate said...

Sarah if I was there I would definitely be going to those games with you! It is so exciting that number 2 is on the way. When I am in Utah again I will give you a call. No idea when I will head up that way but it normally happens sooner than later :)

julie said...

WOW!!! that is great news if you ask me! wish i was there to come play/help you out. i now how tough it is... but you are right about how great it is the rest of the time! miss you!! xo

oh yes... & please start blogging... i need it over here in austria.

Jody said...

that really is soo soon! and so exciting ;-) our little dudes are gonna be buddies for sure! hang in there girl, and if you need ANYTHING you know you can call me for it!