Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Creation

1. Graham Cracker
2. Very thin layer of Peanut Butter
3. Nutella, sweet sweet nutella
4. Thinly sliced Banana
5. Mini Marshmallows, don't scrimp on me here
6. Under the broiler until the desired level of golden brown toasted plumpicity is achieved
7. Just a touch of Caramel drizzled over the top 
8. Napkin
9. Milk

Oh me oh my.....


C and K said...

thanks Sarah!!!! That sounds amazing and maybe just what i need :)

Laura said...

WOW -- that sounds waaay too yummy!

We're so excited for your new little one to arrive! :) You don't have that much longer!! YAY!


Aubrey said...

YUMMY! Call me next time you're making this decadent treat and I'll be right over.