Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catch Up Catch Up

So obviously I haven't been posting regularly so I'll do a quick recap of some of the fall events we missed! We had family in town off and on a lot! Fall break, thanksgiving, and Christmas so that was lots of fun.
We went to a little pumpkin patch in pleasant grove with some friends, which as I mentioned is like cornbelly's but smaller and cheaper.

We went on a hayride then were allowed to hand select our very own pumpkin. Etta got one just the right size for her.

They had a huge bin of corn to play in which Etta loved!

They also had these kind of trampoline's which were perfect for little ones.

Then we had robbie's birthday which of coarse was started off by his favorite breakfast, banana french toast, on the you are special today plate!

Then we had a little get together with family and friends for our now annual Rob's birthday soup party. I made french onion, southwest pumpkin, white chicken chili, and hmmmm...can't remember the fourth. It was so yummy and then we finished off the night with lemon cream cheese, banana, and of coarse chocolate pie...another Robbie fav.

Then we had Halloween and as you see we were vampires! We went for cheap and easy, kind of a cop out I know, but we are lookin good though right?

We went to our ward party, a fun party up at the Magleby's cabin, and trick or treating with Etta followed by fun with the neighbors on actual Halloween. It was great!

Etta was a Lion, and she was certainly the cutest one I have ever seen.

We also took a little weekend trip to Park City with the Shaner's where I apparently took no pictures besides Etta and the frog! We swam in the freezing yet supposed 90 degree pool, went to the outlets, ate yummy food, and hung out with our friends. It was a blast, thanks guys!

So there's definitely more catching up to do but that's it for now! Tune in for Christmas!


Aubrey said...

Etta really was the cutest little lion I'd ever seen, and she was even cuter carrying around that purse while trick-or-treating. So so cute.

Trent and Kim said...

I think Etta and Aiden had the exact same lion costume. So cute. I love looking at your blog and would love to know more about your amazing Thanksgiving turkey. How exciting you are getting close to your due date, brings back memories of Aiden. Good luck with everything!

julie said...

cutest lion & hottest vamps... hands down!