Friday, August 12, 2011

My Girl (and her first dance class)

This little girl is nothing if not a born ballerina. She's walked on her toes since taking her first steps. She went to her first dance class back in June. The little gym gives one time trials to any of their classes (with a hard sell and lots of follow up calls mind you). Etta did dance, sports, and gymnastics and loved them all. Dance, however, was a stand out. She followed the directions to a tee and relished in the spotlight of flitting around the middle of the circle like a fairy. I'd find her days later practicing her plie and releve.
I love this little girl...

I told her yesterday that we were going to do a music class this fall. She jumped for joy and asked if she could where her tutu again. I told her it was a different kind of music class where she learns to sing and play instruments.
Me: "Wouldn't it be awesome to learn to play the piano?"
Etta: (with slumped shoulders and a frown) "No, mom. I just wanna dance."
What a funny girl. We'll have to see about those dance lessons.


allegra said...

She is DOLL! These are too cute. I love all her different expressions:)

Aubrey said...

You're so right — she's always walking on her toes. She's a born dancer. I love her tutu.