Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Speaking of Birthdays...

Etta turned 3!!

So we got all dressed up and went to Grammy's to celebrate...
(this is the face I get lately)

(and if I get a smile it's something like this little gem)

(of course Cinderella needed to come)

And we went up to park city with our cousins!

And celebrated all weekend with no dad :( but lots of family!

It was Ethan's bday too...

and I continued my obsession with mini cupcakes...

and we also celebrated Christy!

Then dad finally got home and what do you think we did? Celebrated again!

We had a huge neighborhood party with three pools, two slip n slides, and a pinata!

Etta got TONS of presents which deserved TONS of hugs...

and we were so grateful to have all our friends and family there!

The pinata proved quite well made for $7.99...

After at least 20 attempts by the kids (and the poor thing falling down twice) I had to step in and help, which of course I was super excited about!

And we took that sucker down.

Then we finished off with popsicles!

All in all we had soooo much fun having a birthday week of celebrations for our bug. She lights up our lives in so many ways. She is so funny and observant, I just love hearing all the things she has to say lately.
She's still completely obsessed with all things princess, still loves to read, sing and dance, and above all she loves her friends and family (who she talks about all day everyday).
Thanks for all your love and gifts in more ways than one.
We love you bug!!

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