Saturday, August 27, 2011

Strawberry Days

Man, we did so much fun stuff this Summer it's taking me forever to catch up!

These pics are from Pleasant Groves Strawberry days back in June. The kids, Julia, and I had so much fun scarfing strawberries and cream, riding rides, shopping, and getting our faces painted!

I'm not sure what in Etta's thought process made her think she'd like this ride but when she asked I was all about it. Needless to say as soon as it got going she regretted her decision which was much more true to form. Poor little bug was terrified the whole time, I only wish you could see her face better. In her defense this was probably the worst first roller coaster experience, it was the jerkiest thing I've ever been on.
Etta was so excited to get her face painted...
She sat sooo still and never opened her eyes, she did awesome!
And this lady did the best job I've ever seen!
She couldn't stop looking at herself and shyly smiling.
Sooo cute!
Trying to get a pic of all of us looking these days is impossible!
My sister and I got two buckets (like 40 balls!) and of course the 3 yr old with 5 balls is the one who gets a fish!
She was so excited she hardly knew what to do...
Unfortunately "Fishy" (as she so creatively named him) passed away just this morning.
As far as I'm concerned he had a full life being loved here at the Neilson home for over two months...not bad for a tiny fair gold fish.

Etta was sad but not overly upset. For a while she tried to convince Rob and I (via skype) that she "had an idea how to make him move again!" It did not work.

Farewell our Fishy friend...I will miss cleaning your nasty bowl every three days.

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