Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loud Noises!

So we've been having tons of fun at the Neilson house lately. Baby has been entertaining us all day long. First of all, last night baby slept from 8:30 till 7:00! Rejoice in your rejoicing! So I went in at 7:00 to unwrap her from her baby straight jacket, she smiled, giggled, and tooted as I lovingly unraveled her layers, turned on some music and gave her something to play with. She played in her crib until 7:45 when we went in to get her for the morning. (If you want to join us in all our sleeping glory buy 12 hours of sleep by twelve weeks old, it's an awesome book) So while Rob and I were hanging out waiting for 7:45 to go get her, she was having a grand old time talking 100 miles a minute to Hugo (her dog) and Gajah (her elephant). I wish I had a sound byte of what we heard. We were cracking up. Anyway, things have just been so fun and so bittersweet as we watch her grow. Her newest accomplishment is, yes you guessed it, ROLLING! I can't believe how excited I got as I watched her roll over during tummy time today. I don't know what came over me but I was squealing with elation, jumping up and down, followed quickly by an assault of kissing. Baby was just as excited as I was, not about rolling over because I'm pretty sure she was thinking what the...just happened?...but my reaction to something she did made her ecstatic. So from giggling and talking, rolling over, constantly grabbing her feet and eating her hands, attacking her animal friends when the get anywhere near her mouth, and sleeping through the night...this is definitely my favorite age yet.


Parkinson Family said...

i know, its so funny how exciting every LITTLE thing is! yay for her!

Case said...

Tell Rob hi from Miah and Casie...your little girl is adorable!